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In Search of Monster Carp
than anything; taking her home from
the hospital and making sure she was
ok – top guys. So, getting off the
Parkinson’s now, because you don’t
want to hear me barking on about
that all the time, as it’s just a disease.
I’ve just been labelled with it, but I’m
the same bloke; I try to get on with
everyone and have a laugh and everything, but that’s that done now, so
let’s get on with the fishing.
But like I say, it’s been a good year
this year. I’ve mainly been focusing
on the Road Lake because there are
just a few more that I need. The articles that I’ve done for Rob have
mainly been focused on the Road
Lake, because it’s such a beautiful
place, and I don’t want to go until I’ve
had the ones I want. If you haven’t
seen it or you haven’t had your name
down on the list, do it, because you’re
missing something very, very special
here. It’s a very intimate little syndi-
cate, a small lake, and what you can
learn here in your fishing will set you
up for other places. I’ve said this
before, and I wrote in his book, I
believe I’m right, Rob, that a year
spent on a gin-clear water is worth
ten years of fishing. You can see so
much, plus the fish here are superb;
they’re a credit to Cemex. The lake is
picturesque, and the swims are
superb, and everyone gets on here. It
is a small syndicate, probably with
about 23 members. The weed hasn’t
been as bad as it has been in the past,
but it’s coming back, and the fish are
getting bigger. Clover came out at the
beginning at 43lb, which is a really big
weight for that fish at this time of
I want to get on to Clover, because
last year I was poorly; I didn’t know
what I had, and it was affecting my
fishing because I just couldn’t concentrate properly. I was getting itchy
feet and I couldn’t settle, and I used to
have more socials than I was fishing
because things were on my mind and
I couldn’t deal with it sitting there
thinking about it all the time. I made a
decision to fish No 2 last year, and I
fished that most of the summer. It
doesn’t do many fish, but the fish is
does do are the quality ones, the big
(Top) 26lb 2oz, this one was caught
the day after Scar (the same time).
(Left) 26lb 10oz, Road Lake.


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