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In Search of Monster Carp
the weed’s down. So it stuck its head
out, and I cast out with a choddy on
like I always do, and I didn’t even get
a drop really, it was so soft. In the end
I found out what it was, because I had
a take after an hour, and it was a fish
that doesn’t normally come out a
great deal – Scar. I had it at 30lb and
ounces, and it was orange; it looked
like a Jaffa, but I was over the moon to
say the least. After I had that I marked
up, and it was a big, black, dead
weedbed. I moved the stops up the
lead core, right up to the top; I was
using 6ft of that, and the stop was
right up the top. I was over-casting,
and it was going down nice into the
weed. Next morning near enough the
same time, or ten minutes earlier
probably, it ripped off again, and
that’s when I had a 26lb linear.
I came back the following week,
and I should have gone in the Dog
Leg, but I didn’t because where I was
catching them from was the Reeds, so
I was trying to stop people in the Dog
Leg casting to the Reeds, but I didn’t
catch because the line lay wasn’t
right, and I was on top of them. If
you’re fortunate enough to fish the
Dog Leg you’ll see. When the fish
come up to you, up the lake, they’re
coming to your bait first instead of the
line, whereas in the Reeds, the line
comes out at an angle at the sides, so
they’re hitting the line first, which
spooks them to hell I think, so the Dog
Leg is always my choice; I’ve learnt
my lesson.
Basically that was the end of my
season for 2008/09. Like Rob said, I
got diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the
early part of the year, and I didn’t fish
much then in the spring. I just made a
conscious decision, that’s it, I’m
going for it, and I did. I was offered a
ticket in the syndicate, which I can’t
mention much about. I’d like to thank
that person, but I won’t say his name.
I’ve only done three nights on there
and I’ve had four out. I’ve been very
lucky and honoured to fish the place,
but I shall be going back there in
I fished Sutton at the beginning of
the season, mainly because it was
local, there were a couple more I
wanted there, and to be honest, I love
the place. I was a bailiff there, and it’s
just a very special place for me, but
my heart isn’t in the fishing. After a
while I was listening to my friends
and what was going on at the Road
Lake. It was very patchy and very
slow, but then I had to come and meet
someone, so I decided to do a 48-hour
session. Well that session was the
turning point really, and I got into my
fishing big time from then on. The
first cast out, within 20 minutes I had
one on; I managed to get it out of the
weed and the snags, but then it rolled
Scar again at 31lb 10oz from the
on the surface and popped off the
hook. Everyone sort of went quiet and
walked off, thinking I was going to be
well pissed off, but I wasn’t really. Like
I said earlier, I try to find positives in
everything now instead of negatives.
I’ve lost a fish before on a bottom bait
doing it the way I was doing it, and I
know it’s definitely not the way to go
on there with the short hook links, but
where I was fishing, I needed a short
hook link, but it’s not the one on there
for me.
So that was it, the turning point. I
came back up again for another 48
hours, and went into the Hump. There
were a lot of fish moving around, and
I found my spots. There were four
weedbeds in the shape of a square;
each corner there was big weedbed,
and I tried to keep off the hard areas,
the firm silt, and fish in the soft silt,
close to the weed. I’ve been using the
choddies very, very short; probably
the width of a Rizla, or sometimes a
little bit longer, depending on how
bad the weed is. I noticed there was a
fish coming in the margins all the
time and feeding, and I was sitting on
my hands really. This year, I was using
quite a bit of bait, which was something that I heard Ben talking about
quite a while a go actually. He was


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