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In Search of Monster Carp
The view after a 40-minute battle
with Scar, which brought the whole
weedbed in.
saying that when he was gone, he just
put a little bit out, and then once the
fizzing stopped, a little bit more, and
that’s what I decided to do. I was
starting off with ten baits in the morning, ten more in the afternoon, and
then I’d put another ten out just
before I went a bed. I think the benefit
you’ve got with this, as opposed to a
big bed, is that on the small lakes
they’re very, very spooky, but this is
only my opinion.
I’m not the rules on carp fishing,
but what I’ve seen is that if you’ve got
a big bed, they come in, pick them off
the edges, then go off and do it again.
They keep repeating this, and then at
the end of your 48 hours, when you go
home, someone comes in and they
catch – it’s always the way. But with
a small amount of bait like ten boilies,
they come, in picking one off here and
there, and then if you get a few fish
coming in, which you often do in the
Road Lake, the greed factor kicks in. If
there are only ten there, they’ve got to
have it, or Joe Bloggs is going to have
it, so that’s what I’ve been doing this
year, and it’s worked very well for me.
So, when I saw that fish in the margin,
I just let it all be, left everything as it
was, and that night it was that one I
saw in the margin that I caught at
26lb 12oz. I was buzzing; I thought
everything is falling into place for
I came back again just to see if my
theory was right. I fished over a bed of
bait on one rod and I had them rolling,
and a bloke come in afterwards and
caught. So I went back to my old way;
the way I decided to fish the lake. So I
came back up here, got back in the
Dog Leg, put my ten baits out, and
then I’ve had an absolute melter. It
ripped off, and I had another really big
fight on my hands with this one; it
was running me ragged. In the end I
was fortunate enough that John
Elmer went down with the net, and I
had the Pug, another one of the originals at 34lb-plus.
That night they were really active
again; John had gone, and we had an
almighty downpour. It was absolutely
hammering, and normally they all say
they don’t have it in the rain down
there. Well, I don’t know whether I’m
unfortunate or what, but I seem to get
takes when there’s a downpour. It
absolutely melted off again, and I
couldn’t get out of the sleeping bag.
Every time I go to
bed, I always check
the quick release zips,
and I’d pulled it, and
everything was fine,
but I’m such a fidget
a r s e, I m u s t h a v e
squashed up in it and
it jammed. I couldn’t
get out; I was like
Coco the Clown, so I
had to do a backward
flip out of the bag,
rolled on the floor,
covered in mud, hit
the fish, and this thing
just wasn’t having
any of it. It ran me
through about three weedbeds, but I
managed to get it back, and out in
front of the Dog Leg. There was a long
wall of weed, and it just dived into
that, and unfortunately in the end it
cut me off above the leadcore, and
that was that for that night.
What I forgot to tell you was that
when I hit that rod, I felt something
flying past my head, and I thought,
Jesus Christ, what was that? I
thought it was a bat, and then it came
down again, and I thought God
Almighty1 Anyway, I didn’t think anything of it until after I lost the fish,
when I tackled up, went to put the rod
on the rest on the buzzer, and it
wasn’t there. The line clip must have
jammed on the line, so I was standing
out in the pouring rain, prodding the
margins. You’ll never believe this, but
I prodded with the landing net and
the LED came on, so I had to lie over
the bank and reach for it. The water’s
well down here, and my balance isn’t
very good, and I was sitting there
mumbling to myself like a grumpy old
sod, thinking what the hell are you
doing here. I could feel myself slipping more, and I just made one big
lunge for it and I managed to get my
buzzer back, but I always carry a
spare, so that was that.
I retackled, and put it back out in
the morning. The rain continued all
night long, and what must have happened was that it just soaked the
weed, so when I had the take, the
weed was on it. I could tell by the way
the line was entering the water and
going straight; I just couldn’t get a
direct pull on it, and I lost that, but
that was three takes in one session.
Like I say, I try and find positives in
everything, and I was fortunate
enough to go with Mainline this year,
and it’s been such a turning point; I


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