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Ability Tackle Ltd – Catch Report
We are pleased to announce that Swagney Lakes ‘I AM TACKLE’ in Norfolk are Ability Tackle’s first trade
stockists, so if you are passing through Swangey Lane, Attleborough, NR17 1XJ, stop by and say hello to
Angie who is running the lakes. There is some great food available plus showers and other amenities.
If you are interested in becoming an Ability stockist, please message us or email info@abilitytackle.com
Junior team member Jayden Hurst
Another after school session resulted in this 12lb
mirror, and I was well happy after losing one
earlier on. Confidence is high with the Ability
terminal tackle, and this was caught on the trusty
size 6 Curve and properly nailed again.
Team leader Mike Brown
A few members from the Ability team and I
headed to Melton Mowbray in attendance of a
charity match. I decided to set two rods on two
separate spots to an island margin and one rod to
a silty open water clay spot. My first carp of the
session came from a hole in the trees on the
island, a small common on a multi hinge rig using
the Ability chod hook. My second carp was a
mirror an ounce under 17lb from my second island
spot in shallower water towards the end of the
island. This was caught on a heavy bottom bait rig
using the recently released Twister hook with tiger
nuts as hook bait.
Development consultant Bryann Collins
I arrived on the specimen lake, and after few laps I
found that fish were all in the bowl with the inlet.
Choosing the Main Bowl swim with maximum
water in front of me, I placed one rod on far bank
margin under the tree line and second rod on a
small patch of pads next to the inlet. A warm wind
pushing down the lake into the bowl meant the
fish were on the wind, not on the back of it for a
Thursday night I had nine takes: four from the
pads and five from the tree line. During the day
nothing was happening, as it was sunny and 28
degrees. I decided to try catching off the top and
landed ten fish, but nothing on the spots.
On Friday afternoon, I decided to move lakes
and try Kell, as only two anglers were on there.
Choosing the Wood swim in the far corner, one
rod was placed on the dam wall in a small pocket
in the tree line and one to my left under a small
overhang. During Friday night, the dam rod tore
off with a single tone. It was a common of 19lb. I
recast and rebaited with ½kg bait. Saturday was
hot again and all the fish were on top, but they
are tricky rig shy fish in Kell that hardly get caught
on zigs or floaters, so it was frustrating watching
them swim over the spots. Saturday night, I had
nothing apart from fish boshing along the dam
wall and in open water, so I was sticking to the
At 5am on Sunday morning, the bush rod shot
off resulting in a 16lb common. Thinking that’s all
I would get as the day was meant to be hot again,
I replaced the bait back under the bush. I got a
few knocks on dam wall rod, and I though that it
could be the odd roach, but suddenly there was a
single tone from the Delk, and it was away, and I
was lifting into a mint 18lb common. Rigs used
were size 6 classic tied blowback to 9in hooklink
connected to Ability lead system, and I was using
Madbaits Wicked Whites/Nutz mix bait.
Ladies team member Abbie Louise
Ladies team member Abbie Louise had two fish at
the weekend, caught on a simple hair rig using the
size 6 Ability Classic, size 8 rolling swivel and
Ability shrink tubing.
Consultant Peter Siegert
A 60-hour Father’s Day weekend session at
Elphicks resulted in the following fish: an 18lb 4oz
mirror, a 17lb 10oz mirror, the Pearl (ghost linear)
at 21lb 7oz, a 21lb 4oz mirror and a 16lb 2oz
mirror (floater). After a slow first day, I decided to
bait the margins heavily and fish them through
the night with the first fish coming at 10pm. This
was followed by a second mirror and the Pearl at
1.30am and 2.15am. Day two saw the second
20lb mirror at about 11.30am then all was quiet
throughout the remainder of the day and night.
The final day saw a break in the weather when an
opportunity to get the floater rod out and do
some stalking resulting in the final 17lb mirror. All
fish fell to combi rigs size 6 Ability Classic barbless
fished with Ability hook aligners and lead clip
systems and my own Red Scopex Shrimp baits.
Contact Details:
Phone No: 0333 22 44 866
Email: Abilitytackleltd@gmail.com
Web Link: www.Abilitytackle.co.uk
Social Media:
YouTube: Ability Tackle Ltd
Twitter and Instagram: @Abilitytackle
Facebook: www.facebook.com/abilitytackleltd/


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