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In Search of Monster Carp
mean, they just seem to be on it all
the time. So, that was that session
over and done with, and I was so fired
up. I was going home, and Jane was
more interested in my health, asking,
“How are you?” and I’d be like, “I had
this one and lost that one,” and she
looked at me as if to say, “You’re mad;
you’re putting yourself through all
this.” But I just said, “You really don’t
understand love, this is what’s it’s all
As I keep saying, I think even if I
wasn’t catching I’d just keep coming
back and coming back, because it’s
such a picturesque place; it’s beautiful. Everyone says that you’ve got the
planes, but you get used to it in the
end, and it’s just one of those things
you accept, so I don’t pay any attention to it. In one of the pictures,
there’s the Orange One, which I had
down the swim called the Secret.
There’s a photograph of the swim
before I caught it; it was solid weed. I
laughed the next day because I had a
40-minute battle with that fish, and
you can’t actually lift your rod up to
hit the take. Just in case Mick Barnes
reads this; I did jump in, but it was
just above my ankles, Mick. I had a
40-minute battle on my hands, and I
decided to use a 50in landing net, and
thank God I did because it brought
the whole weedbed back. Like I said,
I couldn’t lift the rod up high; the tip
was under the water all the time,
(Top) Clover at 40lb 7oz.
(Right) Playing Scar from the Dogleg,
back end of March 2009.
which I think is better, because you’re
not pulling the line through the weed,
and it’s all staying underneath. The
fish is moving and coming towards
you, and it had to be a slowly, slowly
job. I was fortunate that it was a warm
night because I was standing in there
in just a pair of shorts. I got the fish in
the net with the whole weedbed, and
then I noticed the tail was hanging
out. I was trying to lean forward and
get the fish in, and pull the weed in –
ah, it was just an absolute nightmare.
It was one night that I wished someone would come along, but there was
no one about. I managed to get it in
the end, and then I couldn’t get out on
the bank because I was having to
hold the fish. As I went to get out, I
ripped the arse out of my shorts. I
managed to lean on the bank and get
my mobile, and phoned up one of the
guys over at Fox Pool, who reeled in
and came over and helped me out
and did the pictures, bless him, so
thank you, Dan.
That one was Scar and that was the
same fish that I had the back end of
the season when I was with Nick. It
totally threw me; I didn’t know what
it was, because when I’d had it the
last time it was completely orange.
The whole shape of it had changed
quite drastically, and it was black. It
wasn’t until I got it out, and even then
I still didn’t recognise it. I just flicked
through the old digital, and it came to
me then that it was Scar, but the
whole body, you’ll see in the pictures,
had red blotches. I spoke to Wady
about it, and he seems to think it was
where they’d been on the bloodworm,
but I don’t know; I’m not an authority
on things like that. So, like I said, it
had totally changed, but it was a
lovely looking fish, and even though


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