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In Search of Monster Carp
Clover at 40lb 7oz.
I’d doubled up, in one way I was
pleased to know the bait was working. So, that was that session over and
done with.
My mate dropped in after me, and
he was fortunate enough to have
Clover and the The Brown. He had
Clover and the Dink this year, and a
few of the others, and he did it in 26
nights, but I’m plodding along
because I’m greedy. I want to get as
many of these as I can, and I don’t
want to leave here. I know I’ve got to
go, but most people who have ever
fished here and done really well have
missed it because it’s such a good
atmosphere, and a good bunch of
blokes. But like I said earlier, if you
ain’t got your name down, put it
down, because it’s a magical little
place. I just asked Rob if he’s ever
going to have a go, and he said he’s
thought about it, but it’s definitely
worth putting your name down for.
After that I had a little break, and I
went to another little lake in Surrey,
which I kept to myself, and I’ve had
five trips down there. I thought I’d be
a bit tricky and use the old choddies,
putting them in the weed. It didn’t
work, but I was getting real savage
liners that first trip, so the next trip
back down, I got the marker out and
the spots I found were so close in, it
was unreal, and it was quite firm. I
was talking to Terry about bottom
baits, and I haven’t been using bottom baits for a long, long while. My
fishing has turned quite boring in one
way, because it’s just choddies all the
way for me, and with the hookholds
you get; you just don’t seem to lose
them. If you do lose them, it’s as soon
as you pick up that rod, in the first few
seconds, but nine times out of ten,
well more than that, probably 99.9%,
when you hook them, they’re on. I’ve
brought them in with whole
weedbeds, it’s just the one.
Like I say, I went down this other
l a k e, a n d c h a n g e d m y w h o l e
approach to it. I went on bottom baits
and the second trip was a special one,
when I had a 36, black as your hat it
was, absolutely stunning. I went back
again, and things went to plan again.
I managed to get in the swim, got on
the spots, and I had a 26lb 4oz common. The water is so clear, it’s unreal,
and I was over the moon with that.
But that’s something for later that I
was talking to Rob about, so hopefully
if it goes to plan and everything, you
might be able to see these, because
they are special.
I’m happy, and even though I’ve
got Parkinson’s, I’m as happy as anything. I’m doing what I love, and I’m
round people who I want to be
around. Some people don’t know
what to say to you really, but like I
said earlier, it’s just a label, it’s just a
name; it doesn’t change me or anything. If someone asked me something about it and they apologise and
they say, “I’m sorry to…” I say, “No, I
don’t mind.” I just say to them, “That’s
what I’ve got, and that’s it.“ I just sit
down and enjoy myself at the lake. I
don’t know, sometimes you do get
upset about things… We just had a
little break from this interview, and I
said to Rob, “I don’t ever want to stop,
I just want to keep going,” but one
day, not because of the illness, but I’m
going to get old, like we all do, and
you’ve got to stop, but I don’t want to.
I just love it; I live for my carp fishing,
and it means to the world to me. I’ve
known Rob for years, and there’s a
special bond in carp fishing that
unless you’re involved you can’t
explain, and long live that bond. All I
will say to you is that if you have got
anything like I’ve been diagnosed
with, just live for the dream, whatever
dream you’ve got, and go for it full-on


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