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In Search of Monster Carp
because we ain’t gonna been here forever. There’s no way I’m going to be
sitting indoors one day saying to my
Jane, “I wish…” That ain’t gonna happen, not with me; I’m going for it
hammer and tongs. If they have to
carry me off this lake one day, so be it,
but I will be doing it because that’s
what I do – you’ve got to live that
dream and go for it.
So, Rob’s nodding his head… I’m
on the Road Lake with Rob and it’s
just magical. I moved this morning; I
got down here last night… well, that’s
a lie really; I got here yesterday about
10 o’clock. I fished for four hours, and
there were fish in front of me. I fished
with one rod, and I got the other two
ready for the evening, and then I had
to pack up at 3pm to get up to see a
friend of mine, Jerry Hammond. I
want to get in to another lake, and you
had to be interviewed, and Jerry was
proposing me. So, like I said, I had to
pack up, drive up to Broxbourne,
which was like Wacky Races on the
I had the interview, got back here
about quarter to ten, set up again, and
I really was convinced that they were
going to be on me in the morning,
because yesterday morning they
were there big time. I heard them
start lunking, but they were up the
other end. I had to make a decision, so
I decided to pack up and move, and in
the throes of moving, Rob phoned. He
said he was on his way, and I was
knackered because I don’t bring a
barrow sometimes now to try and
keep myself a little bit fitter. I was
absolutely shattered, so I got round to
the Dog Leg, and we’re just sitting
here doing this. Fortunately there are
quite a few fish cruising about here,
but I don’t think there will be much
happening during the day or afternoon, but tonight, or definitely in the
morning, they’ll turn back up here,
and hopefully there will be another
picture for the mag for Rob.
So I’m enjoying it; I just don’t really
know what to say, but you know, I just
love my fishing, and that’s all there is.
You ain’t got to be catching all the
time, as long as you’re doing something that you enjoy, that’s all that
matters. Well this is coming to the
end now, and I hope I haven’t bored
you with my life, or what I’ve got,
should I say. I hope you all catch loads
of big’uns. Tight lines, and hopefully
I’ll be seeing you or you’ll be reading
another article from me soon. All the
best, and thanks a lot, Rob. I appreciate it.
Rob: No, thank you mate. It’s
always a pleasure to sit here and listen to you talking. It’s just very sad
that there’s that underlying thing
about the Parkinson’s disease, but
that’s what this piece was all about
anyway. For anyone out there who is
suffering from this, or anything else,
and there are so many these days,
Mark’s just a great example to us, and
you’ve just got to keep going. It’s easy
to see when he’s talking how passionate he is even now about his fishing. So that’s it from the Road Lake
this September afternoon. The sun’s
out now; it’s a beautiful day, and like
Mark says, “What better place could
you be anyway?”
I’ll be meeting up with Mark again
in a few months’ time, catching up
with him to see how the rest of his
Road Lake season goes on the new
Surrey syndicate water that he’s a
member of that’s no publicity at the
moment. Hopefully with a bit of luck
we’ll see some pictures from there
eventually, and also from another couple of waters that Mark’s got his eye
on for this winter, so thanks a lot mate
– thank you very much for sharing all
that with us. n
CK at 33lb 8oz – this fish can fight.


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