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Diary of a Carp Fisher
s most of you reading this will know,
my latest book
‘One Last Cast’
was released in
September this
year. You might think that what with
writing it, publishing it, printing it and
distributing it, I haven’t had a lot of
time for fishing and you’d be right, but
I have had a couple of interesting sessions, one out with my old mate Stuart Gillham’s lake in Krabi, Thailand
and Geezer’s Charity Event, a regular
feature in my carp angling calendar
these days. This is a 48-hour match
organised by Scott Grant, and for
three years now it’s been held at the
Dell in Essex. Nine so-called angling
stars get together with nine other
carp anglers who’ve bid over the
Internet to fish with them. It’s a great
atmosphere, and there’s great camaraderie on the bank. There’s an element of competition but generally the
weekend is a very lighthearted affair. I
thought I’d take time out to tell you
about these two particular sessions in
my diary, which to be honest has
been fairly sparse this year.
So first of all, my trip to Thailand,
which was actually my second trip to
Thailand this year. Back in June now,
which seems an age ago, Stuart Gillham kindly invited my family and me
over for a holiday, and this year not
only my wife and two-year-old son
Max, but also my eldest son Ashley
and his partner Gemma, and my
daughter Natasha. This was actually
the first time that all three of my children and I had gone on holiday
together, so as you can imagine it was
something very special.
It was already decided before I
went that this would be a proper family holiday and not just a fishing holiday on my behalf. It’s very easy when
you’re at a place like Stuart’s to get a
bit of tunnel vision, and all you really
want to do is fish while you are there,
as it’s such a fantastic place. I know
I’ve banged on about it for the last
couple of years, but if you haven’t
been out there, it really is the fishing
holiday of a lifetime. Since my eldest
two children were coming (well, I say
children; Ashley is 22 and my daughter is 25), I decided that we should do
more family stuff together. Ashley
also invited a friend of his along, Tom,
a real nice guy, and I’ve got to say we
had a fantastic time while we were
there. The others did quite a number
of excursions while we were there; in
fact they arranged something to do
almost on a daily basis. I’m sure I
won’t remember them all here now
sitting here doing this piece, but certainly there was elephant trekking
one day. I went out on that particular
day trip out on the elephants, through
the jungle up the river to some waterfalls where we fed the elephants with
some bananas. Unfortunately my little
son Max was too scared to go on
there, and my wife and he had to stay
back at the base camp until we
returned, but I went on an elephant
with Natasha; Ashley and Gemma on
another, and Tom had one to himself.
He’s quite a big chap, so he needed
one, as the seat wouldn’t have been
big enough for two.
The day after that they all decided
to go rock climbing – quite a scary
thing apparently, but my son Ashley
scrambled to the top. He’s so fit; I
mean he’s into his kick boxing and
training down the gym three or four
times a week, and no mountain would
be big enough for him, but it was a
great trip apparently, and they all
really enjoyed it. Another day they
were white water rafting out in one of
these dinghies going down a very fast
set of rapids – a good trip with lunch
provided. Another day they went saltwater kayaking where you actually go
out into the caves and the islands out
in the sea around Krabi. On yet
another day they went quad biking.
Tom had actually done quite a bit of
quad biking before, but said that this
was the best terrain that he had ever
been on. You can imagine that the
mountainous terrain of Krabi, one of
the most beautiful and unspoilt parts
of Thailand, was ideal for this sort of
So all I’m really getting at is that
there’s loads to do for the family, and
they were going down to the beach
most days. For just about a pound you
can take a trip out in one of the boats
out to the many beautiful islands
(Top) PB monitor lizard.
(Left) 70lb Siamese carp.


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