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Syndicate Success
started to fish my syndicate
water in early March, the
6th/7th of the month to be
precise. It had been a very
slow start because of the cold
winter we had had, and I
blanked. The water temperature was
very low and everyone seemed to
struggle. I returned a week later and
fished a very shallow swim hoping to
catch a fish during the day if they
came in to sun themselves, and after
a blank Friday night, I did catch my
first carp on a 3ft zig rig, at 20lb 4oz. it
was not one of the very big commons
in the lake, but it was very welcome
after a blank night’s fishing. On the
S a t u r d a y, i t w a s b a c k t o w o r k .
Another two blank weekends followed, and it was not looking too
good; a few fish were coming out,
nearly all to zigs, but none for me.
Then I got a real boost to my season. I had been having trouble getting
T2 boilies from Cotswold Bait Cre-
(Top) A view straight down the lake.
(Below) 18th April 2009 – 31lb 20z.
This fish fell to a zig rig.
ations from tackle shops, so I phoned
a stockist to try to track some down.
A kind lady gave me the number of
the boss of Cotswold Baits, so I
phoned him up and after this we had
a meeting at his lake, Wildmoor
Waters. After a good discussion, I
became a field tester – what a result.
I was loaded up with all manner of
bait, from hi-viz pop-ups to pellets,
something I had never had before in
40 years of fishing cheap quality bait.
I fished for ten days over Easter,
and the lake was buzzing with talk
about two very well known anglers
coming down to fish for three days,
with Sky Sports 3 cameras and all. In
the meantime, my fishing was going
really badly; I had already had five
blank nights when they arrived. This
was going to be interesting, I thought
to myself. I was fishing to a weedbed


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