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what felt like a nice fish, and it kited
left up the lake. As I applied a bit more
pressure the hook pulled, and I was
gutted to say the least. Four nights in
my second swim and four nights in
my first swim and no fish.
I walked round to a bay in the lake
where the cameras were rolling, and
asked the angler if I could move into
hi s s w i m. H e c o nfi rme d he ha d
caught nothing from the swim or the
other swim he had fished, it did not
look good, but I decided to stick it out
as I only had two nights left. On the
plus side, after setting up I could see
the odd fish top at distance in front of
me, so I tied a zig rig up and cast out
about 70yds to the showing fish. A
couple of hours past when my hanger
began dancing up and down, and I
lifted into a good fish. Trembling with
fear and excitement, I played the fish
in and it was a relief to net the fish,
which weighed 31lb 2oz. I felt I had
really earned that first 30 of the year.
Yet another blank weekend folat 80yds, dropping the lead just short,
trying to pick up a fish if one swam
along it. Another two blank nights,
and I was beginning to think I was
going home fishless. It was no consolation to hear that out of the two big
name anglers, only one had caught,
and that was only one fish.
On the fourth morning I had to
vacate the swim by noon, as this is
the rule. I was just packing the tackle
away when I had a take. I struck into
(Top) Sunday 12th June 2009, 28lb
4oz, Farriers.
(Below) Sunday 12th June 2009, 36lb,


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