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Syndicate Success
lowed, and it was beginning to feel
like hard work for nothing. I went to
see Andy my bait sponsor, and he had
a new bait called ‘This One’ for me to
try. It really did look the business, dark
in colour and loaded with greenlipped mussel. I intended to use these
with ‘This One’ pellets, 21mm halibuts and hemp, all of which should
not attract the birdlife, which can be a
real nuisance on this lake, especially
in the clear water.
S o o n F r i d a y t h e 2 2 n d M a y, I
returned to the lake with a little more
hope, plus the water was obviously a
lot warmer. I baited the spot in front of
the weed bed where I had lost the fish
over Easter, and had nothing again. I
spodded some more of my mixture in
on the Saturday evening, and when
the alarm finally went off, it was a
tench – just what you want in the
early hours of the morning. I recast
and went back to sleep.
I was still sleeping at 6.30am when
one of my rods rattled off. I managed
to land this one, and it weighed
exactly the same as the last fish I had
caught; 31lb 2oz. I felt a little happier
as I had caught on the new bait. I
moved to another swim at the other
(Top) 20th June 2009 37lb 2oz,
(Below) 6th August 2009, 31lb 14oz.
end of the lake on the 26th May, found
a spot at about 50yds, a nice silty
spot, but after four more nights, all I
had was one more tench. So I moved
again, only three pegs up the bank, as
I had seen fish moving in front of it. I
was rewarded that night with a 17lb
common. At 3am the next night I
landed a 24lb 14oz common off the
same spot.
Then on my last day of my session,
I saw fish topping right out in the
middle. A hefty cast saw my zig rig
sail out towards the fish. It could only
have taken half an hour when the
alarm sounded. Again the fish tore off
down the lake, it is really heart in the
mouth stuff playing fish on 12lb
breaking strain Double Strength. After
a good fight the fish was weighed at
29lb 4oz, a lovely old mirror carp,
which was stocked into the lake from
the famous Mangrove Lake, so it was
quite a special fish to me, as there are
not many big mirrors in the lake. From
Friday 5th June to Sunday 7th I
endured another fishless weekend,
but returned a week later. The Friday
was again fishless, but despite this I
kept the spod going out, and Saturday
I caught a tench, scant reward for all
my hard graft.
Now that the mornings were so
light, I decided to stay Sunday night
as well, so I went all out and spodded
about 10kg of boilie, pellet and hemp


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