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Syndicate Success
mix to my spot in the hope of the carp
moving in instead of the tench. 2am,
and I was out of my bag a bit rapidly,
and soon after I banked a 29lb 4oz
common. Half an hour later, I lost a
good fish near the net in the dark, and
disappointed, I re-cast. Half an hour
passed and the alarm sounded again.
This time I landed it, and it went 30lb
12oz, which was good, but at 4.30am
I caught a 36lb common. My decision
to stay on had paid off handsomely. I
packed up at 5am wishing I could
stay on, but I had to be at work, so off
I went with the adrenaline still pumping.
Friday 19th June the banks were
packed out, so I plumbed a swim I
had not fished before, and a couple of
hours later all I had found was a
choddy hole in the weed. This half of
the swim was chock-a-block. After
nothing on Friday I caught a 37lb 2oz
common on the Saturday, which
turned out to be my only fish of the
weekend. A blank weekend followed,
but I lost one in a small bay that I will
talk about later.
Friday July 3rd was another blank,
as is often the way. I believe it takes a
while for the fish to find the bait and
get on it. I was back in one of my bait
spots, filled it in Friday and Saturday
morning, and I caught a 30lb 4oz common followed by an 18lb 2oz and 31lb
6oz on the Sunday, both of which
were commons. A week later I fished
the same spot again, but disaster
struck. I lost two but made amends a
bit on Sunday with a 30lb common,
and then a 31lb 6oz common. I fished
(Top) 33lb 10oz common, Sunday 6th
August 2009.
(Below) Saturday 9th August 2009,
38lb common, Farriers.


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