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Syndicate Success
it again the following weekend, which
resulted in another 3 fish, a 31lb 8oz, a
24lb 10oz and a 27lb, all commons
again. The next weekend produced a
30lb 12oz, a 22lb 4oz, a 27lb 2oz and
an 18lb mirror, which made a nice
Come August 9th I was well ready
for a change of swim. I set up in a
pointed swim that faced two ways so
there is a lot of water to aim at, albeit
shallow. With nothing coming off the
baited area Friday and all morning
Saturday, I moved one rod onto one of
the shallow bars, with just one crumbled ‘One’ boilie and another 15mm
boilie on the hair, and sat back for the
afternoon. As I was spodding bait to
the spot 80yds into the lake in preparation for the night ahead, the shallow
water to my right erupted. The fish
tried desperately to keep going down
the bay, but eventually I stopped it,
and after a good plodding fight it was
in the net. It went 38lb – what a
On the 21st August I was back for
ten days’ fishing, and I went back
onto the swim I fished the week
before. The rods were still clipped and
marked up, so back out they went to
(Top) Sunday 23rd August 2009, 31lb
14oz, Farriers.
(Right) Sunday 23rd August 2009,
33lb 8oz, Farriers.
(Below) Tuesday 25th August 2009,
36lb 10oz, Farriers. This is the fish I
waded in for. (Well worth it!)
the 80yd spot, and I filled it in with a
lot of ‘One’ boilies and pellets, all from
Cotswold Bait Creation, which I think
are excellent. The results speak for
themselves really. Anyway, nothing
happened the first night as usual,
then I had a 35lb 12oz to the bait
around 11am Saturday, followed by a
20lb 4oz common; a nice start to the
session. At 2pm Sunday I was in
again, and this time this fish weighed
33lb 8oz. Then half an hour later a
31lb 14oz came over the spreader
On Monday the other side of
angling showed its face and I lost two
fish. The rigs were changed and I
spodded out more bait, but a blank
night followed. On the Tuesday I
hooked another big fish, but as it


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