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Early Thursday morning I caught a
24lb 2oz common, and around midday
the Delkim let rip again. As I played
the fish my second Delkim sounded,
and I though the fish had gone over
the other line, but it hadn’t; it was
another take. The combination of my
snag ears and snag bars with the butt
ring fished behind the bite alarm kept
the second fish at bay (see photo).
I landed the first one, left it in the
landing net, grabbed my mobile
phone, and called a bailiff who was
fishing further up the bank whilst
playing the second fish. When he got
to me with a second net the fight was
all but over, and he slipped the net
under it. The first went 31lb 8oz, and
the second 34lb – a brace of thirties –
I could barely believe it. On the last
day in this swim I caught a 25lb 6oz
neared the bank the fish kited across
my other line and became stuck. It
was wallowing on the surface
exhausted. I took my trousers and
socks off, waded out up to my belly
and landed my prize of 36lb 10oz –
happy days.
I moved swim the next day. I had
seen fish in this area from my previous vantage point. I found a bar in
front of me, and decided to fish the
back of it where there is a bit more
silt. Out went 4kg of boilies again, and
the same amount in pellets, plus
hemp with groundbait mixed in. A
take came that afternoon, and a 34lb
4oz graced the bank. A good result,
and the first night in a new swim.
and a scraper 20. I then moved again
and although I didn’t catch any more
30’s, I did catch three more; a 12lb, a
26lb and a 17lb fish, all commons. In
the end I had caught 15 fish in ten
days, seven of which were 30’s –
I was lucky enough to get back into
the swim where I had caught the
brace the week before and the same
tactics produced commons of 33lb
(Top) Wednesday 26th August 2009,
34lb 4oz, Farriers.
(Centre) Thursday 27th August, 2009
34lb, Farriers.
(Left) 18th October 2009 34lb,


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