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Syndicate Success
10oz and 31lb 14oz. No chances the
week after, so I fished three pegs up,
and I found a small hole in the weed
at about 70yds. I baited this up, but
Friday and Saturday were both blank.
I hung on on Sunday and had a take
about 2pm. The fish was coming in
easily until the weed that was covering its eyes came off as it neared the
net, and it went like a rocket out into
the lake. It took ages to get it back in
and net it, but it was a long lean male
zip linear, not big at 21lb 14oz, but a
really pretty fish. After that I missed a
few weeks due to other commitments
and had a couple or three blank
weekends in late September, early
(Above) 27th October 2009 31lb 8oz,
(Left) Oil slick caused by feeding fish
(time for a run).
(Bottom) The 21lb 14oz zip linear –
what a fight, what a pretty fish.
The last session I am going to write
about took place in the bay I mentioned earlier. I arrived on the Friday
night, and as I walked round to find a
swim, I saw a fish top right at the
back of the bay where a willow forms
a snag. I set up in the nearest swim,
plumbed this bay, and found it was
covered in weed, so I chose a spot
where the weed was less dense, and
blasted a PVA solid bag through it.
The other rod was cast straight out.
Baits were catapulted into this bay
area liberally. At 9.30am on Saturday,
the alarm on the right hand rod
sounded, so I lifted into the fish, but it
became weeded up. Wellies on, and I
walked down the margin for a better
angle to pull from. It did come out, but
went into more weed. A friend called
a bailiff who took the boat out and unweeded it twice before I got it in the
net, and the fish weighed 32lb –
another common. On the Sunday, I
caught a 33lb 10oz common from the
same spot, and I landed this one without the aid of a boat.
That brings things bang up to date,
with 23 thirties so far this season, and
hopefully a few more to come before
it finishes.
Rig and Bait
The rigs I use are very basic; just a


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