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Syndicate Success
hair knotless knot, and maybe a line
aligner, fished in conjunction with a
lead clip, which can be clipped back
for easy lead release in the weedy
swims. I have had success with
coated braid stripped back to make it
into a combi, and fluorocarbon hook
links, which are good on gravel. Hook
sizes of 6 and 8 are favourites.
More important is marking, spodding and casting. First I cast the
marker float out and try to find a hole
in the weed. Keep re-casting to it to
find out how big and how deep it is,
and then you have a choice as to
where you fish it, i.e. on top of it, or in
the deeper water at the back and end
of the bar, which is where I favour.
Next, cast a rod at the marker and
when it lands next to the float, clip it,
then put a rod down on the bank followed by a bank stick pushed in the
ground at each end of the rod, replacing the rod now with the rod you have
clipped up. Drop the lead by the side
of one bank stick now open the bail
arm and keep turning the line round
and round until you hit the clip, one
turn being 12ft. Now I mark the line
with power gum or pole elastic, and
next I write down the amount of
turns, i.e. ten turns is 120ft, or 40yds I
think. Anyway, now bait the rod and
cast to the marker, and this way you
know you are same distance, as long
as you cast from the same spot and
also pick a far bank marker. The spod
I like to clip up long, and the same
length, depending on the wind bow.
First spod up is with the marker in,
and all the rest is without the marker.
Job done.
I am lucky to be a field tester for
Cotswold Bait Creations. The One
boilies are absolutely fantastic. The
fish are really attracted to them wherever I have fished. I took my boys fishing at the lake near where they live,
and we had 23 runs in a weekend, and
the fish could never have seen them
before, so they are instant as well.
Coupled with their excellent range of
oils, hemp and pellets, I was spoilt for
choice, so my thanks to Andy Stump
who has become a friend as well.
In the spod mix I like to use boilies
and hemp, along with pellets of various sizes from microdots to 21mm
halibuts. Also added are groundbait
oils, usually GLM and water, which
takes a bit of mixing, so you need a bit
bucket to avoid spillage. You can see
flat spots appear in the ripple on the
water when the fish are feeding on
this mixture. If the bed is big enough
you can fish two rods on it each end
of a bar, or back and front, thus
increasing your chance of a take. I
know people say you should split your
rods, but I like one big bed of bait. n
(Top left) Simple rigs are all I use.
(Top right) Me with some Cotswold
Bait Creations The One boilies and oil.
(Left) The snag bars and snag ears in
use (Rock Solid).


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