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North Carping
anyway, we had done our homework,
regularly having a good look around.
From what we were seeing, quite a
good number of carp resided in the
Paddock We would see mainly mirror
carp up to double figures, and lovely
looking fish they were – if only they
knew what we had in store for them.
Like I say, we had done our homework; we had a couple of swims
noted which we really fancied, and no
pre-baiting had taken place; we just
believed our bait was purely new to
them and with time, they would be on
it no problem at all.
So to cut a long story short, that
first season did start off slowly, but
looking back in the records, we
caught 37 carp between us. I know
what you’re thinking; he said this
place was rock hard, but at the time
we got them going on a top quality
bait. With no disrespect to anyone,
these carp were being caught out on
a bait that really was spoiling them. It
wouldn’t always be like that, as the
fish wised up, but then it was just a
case of moving the goalposts about to
keep them coming over the cord.
So we had caught a fantastic
amount of carp, many of them mirrors, and a few commons. One fish,
the Pig, a mirror, paid a few visits to us
on the bank – he was the pick of the
bunch – that fish couldn’t get enough
of it. He was always around the 16lbmark. I can quite clearly remember as
if it was yesterday that Dave caught
the Pig off the surface in one of the
corners – that was class angling back
then. That was the first fish out on our
quest that season. I tell you what
though, we had to put some serious
effort in for the rewards that we
Sweetcorn was a winner as well.
Dave showed me a rig with the yellow
foam cut into the shape of a piece of
corn which was superglued to the
bend of the hook, the weight of the
hook being enough just to sink it very
slowly giving the rig a perfect presen-
(Top) Mally’s 20, a 22lb 8oz common.
(Below) Over the moon, 31lb 2oz
common, 2009.


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