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North Carping
periods of time.
Anyway, I had my eye on the far
bank opposite where I had been fishing. I do know this area well; it’s a
great margin swim to fish, quite deep,
and there is always some bloodworm
about along this bank. I felt confident
that some carp were visiting this area
for feeding, often seeing them cruising about along here, and also no one
had been fishing here for a while, so it
just had to be worth a go.
Mally and I had got on the lake
again and fished either side of the willow tree. Mally was going in on the
big bed of hemp approach, and he
had set his sights on catching one of
the 20lb commons. I can remember
saying to Mally, “I think you will nail
one on this trip mate.” Mally said, “I
hope so, Gram.”
This trip turned out to be a great
session; Mally and I sat there for
hours talking about certain fish and
why they avoid capture and so on.
Well the carp certainly obliged for us
in no uncertain terms. Mally had his
20lb common at 22lb 8oz, and he also
had a 14lb’er and lost a good fish too.
I had Two-tone at 18lb, and also Wax
Back at 16lb, and I lost two fish as
well. Maybe the secret was to talk
about the fish and they will pay a
The hemp approach was without
doubt the key, which was Mally’s
idea, and good on him because the
hemp had the fish going mad in the
swims big time. Mally is a fine angler
who puts a lot of thought into his fishing, which will only bring success for
him in years to come. Don’t get me
wrong, the hemp has been tried and
tested before without so much as a
sniff, but now and again, and I mean
only now and again, everything clicks
and they’re on the mat before they
know what’s going on.
Two-Tone had that look about it; it
had become a lot darker, and its
mouth was black with feeding on the
silt for the bloodworm. It was pleasing to see him back out looking fighting fit again, the old boilie proving
irresistible on the day. Mally was over
the moon with his result so it was
happy days all round.
By now the summer was getting on
– doesn’t time fly when you’re having
fun? We were well into July and the
lake was experiencing some difficulty
with algae and oxygen levels. We got
the Environment Agency out, who
kindly installed two aerators into the
water for a 48-hour period. Thank God
this did the trick, as some carp were
seen to be really struggling. You could
see them swimming around gasping
for air, as we had a really hot spell all
that week that triggered the algae off
causing oxygen levels to drop, but we
got on the problem quickly and sorted
it out. I’m saying we when my brother
Len did all the running around, so a
big thank-you to you, bruv – he has
the Paddock very close to his heart
too I must say.
The environment agency advised
us to buy our own equipment for
future problems if they should arise.
A n y w a y, w e d e c i d e d t o h o l d a
fundraising night to try and raise
some money for the equipment that
we needed, as we are only a small
club and we couldn’t afford to buy
any equipment. Saying that, all went
great on the night and sufficient
funds were raised. I must thank my
brother Len again here, as he showed
us all what passion is about, getting
everything organised for the night –
the man is unbelievable and surprised
me at times. We couldn’t stand by and
watch these fish die; they mean too
much for that to happen, and at least
now if we have any more problems
we can sort it out straight away.
Anyway, back to the story. Like I
say, the summer was getting on, and
Mally, 18lb common off The Point.
in a few weeks’ time we would be
knocking on autumn’s door. My mind
now was wandering off into the country – I’d really missed my main water
this summer but with the thought
that I would be back down there soon
enough, I turned my attention back to
the Paddock.
Now there is another good common in here that I’ve got down as
being at least a good mid-20. I’ve
seen him on a couple of occasions
just slightly lifting himself out of the
water, you know the way big fish do;
they sort of get their head out and
then the weight of them pulls them
down quickly. This is one crafty common, totally feeding on naturals fulltime. I’ve tried certain methods, from
the hemp rig to sweetcorn, luncheon
meat, maggots and so on, but to no
avail. I’ve got a few weeks left, so
now I could put some quality effort in
to try and nail him. I fished the Point
swim mostly because he is always in
this area, but sadly I couldn’t tempt
him. Soon I would be in the country
and would have to come back just
before winter and have another good
go for him – in fact I’ve made up my
mind that I will do the whole of the
winter just to bank this fish.
So the time came for me to get off
to my main water. I was well keen for
it, and what a session that turned out


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