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The Things That Really Matter
rom working in the
industry and meeting
many a lad on the bank
as we all do, I am often
surprised at how little
people consider what I
consider to be the most important
things in fishing, and putting those
lumps on the bank. For me, which
rods, stainless bank sticks and
buzzers you use are totally irrelevant
in 99% of cases. End tackle is obviously important, but I stick with items
I have total faith in, and the rest is
down to me. The same goes with bait,
why bust your chops trying every
new ‘wonder’ bait that comes out
when your TNT’s and Scopex Squids
will catch fish day in day out, as will
many other long established baits.
Take confidence in their previous
(Top) A swim that hadn’t been fished
for years produced some very special
(Below) 40lb mirror.
success, and again the rest is down to
In this mini series of articles I want
to look at the topics I think really matter, in this case watercraft. Let me
make this clear, being crap at watercraft doesn’t automatically make you
a ‘bad angler’ – indeed I know some
people that would happily admit to
being very bad a watercraft but still
well and truly hold their own when it
comes to catching fish, and big ones
at that. But without doubt it is often a
major string to your bow; it is definitely the most important to mine, and
the same would be said of the Hearns
and Lanes of this world.
For the purpose of this article I have


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