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The Things That Really Matter
snag that I can, and I don’t mean peer
through a little hole for a second, I
mean put your hood up and slowly
and as quietly as possible get right in
them and stay there for a while. Look
down as deep as possible, or even
better, if it is allowed on your water,
then get above the water by climbing
a tree, which will take away any glare
and allow you to see down far deeper
and far clearer. The way the water
transforms when you get high up is
ridiculous, and weedbeds, bars, and
shallow humps can all become apparent – trust me, your eyes will be
Another thing I am keen to find is
coloured water, which is often only
caused by a couple of things. One is
fish grubbing about on the bottom,
rooting around in silt or weed looking
for their next meal. This is obviously a
great sign that they are already up for
it, and you are in with a shout as soon
as that hookbait is in the water. The
other will be the fish flanking on the
bottom, another really positive sign.
The best way I can sum this up is
carp do this when they are happy,
either because they are hungry, sexually excited or simply frolicking, but
either way they are expelling energy
that they need to replace, and it often
means they are going to have a
munch! Another cause could be a big
wind kicking into the margins disturbing the bottom and causing it to
cloud up, although the fish may not
already be there, this is also a very
good feature, as the cloud indicates
suspended matter kicked up off the
(Top) Keeping in touch with your
mates’ results keeps you in the game.
(Below) Keith J.


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