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Ability Tackle Ltd – Catch Report
Team Member Lee Leach
48-hour session at Whelford Pools Fishery
My dad and I took our first visit to Whelford Pools
since its opening last month. We were over the
moon with what the new owner had achieved
with the complex. On arrival, we had a quick look
round for signs of fish. Pegs 11, 12 and 13 looked
the best bets, as there were signs of them in the
areas. I ended up fishing peg 11, and my dad
fished peg 12.
I fished my right hand rod just off a no-fishing
zone, as it’s a safe zone for the fish. I thought they
might spot my rigs and bait on the way in or out. I
was using my simple KD rigs, as I know they a very
effective and underused sometimes. They were
made with the Ability tackle size 6 barbless curve
hook, Q swivels and extender stops. My left hand
rod was the same rig but on the edge of a weed
bed in open water.
24 hours passed and I hadn’t had anything. My
dad on the other hand lost a fish early hours in
the morning to a snag. I decided to have a move
to peg 13 where they had just put a water pump
in, which I thought could draw the fish in, as it’s
an oxygen supply. My rods were out again just
past 12pm, both 4ft away from each side of the
My first fish then came at just gone 2pm on my
right hand rod, which was on my own yellow
banoffee dumbbells just lifted up above the hook.
The fish weighed in at 17lb 15oz, and I was over
the moon with my first fish. Only just getting over
the first fish, my dad then had one on my right
hand rod. As his swim was quiet, I let him take it.
It was a very nice low double, which was very
Eight hours passed with nothing else, but all of
a sudden, the fastest run I had ever seen
happened. My dad’s rod ripped off on the yellow
banoffee and took him right into a snag, but no
luck. The fish had escaped, but in the early hours
Team member Mike Brown
I arrived at my local club water for a 48-hour session. I set up in a corner peg, which I knew the wind
would turn into before the end of the session. Whilst watching the water, the reed line on my right margin
showed signs of fish moving through as well as one crashing out in the water. I started working a lead
along it, trying to find a spot where I could present a bait. I eventually found a spot with slightly less
weed so used a castable rake to clear it and make it suitable to present a bait over.
I found a second spot on top of a bar where the bar ended and met another weedbed and decided to
make that my second spot. I started fishing both rods onto the bar; one rod with a slip-D rig using a size
6 Ability Curve and the other rod using my usual pop-up rig with a size 6 chod hook. I baited my margin
spot with around ten medium Spombs and left it until first light. During the night I managed to catch off
both rigs on the bar.
At first light I moved my pop-up rig onto the margin spot, catching within an hour of moving my rig
onto it. I continued catching on both spots throughout the rest of my session. I baited lightly after every
fish and several times between captures. I finished my session with ten carp of 19lb 9oz, 19lb 4oz, 18lb
8oz, 14lb 2oz, 13lb 2oz and the others were low doubles.
of the morning his rod went off again, which
produced another stunning low double.
Our final morning had arrived, and the dreaded
packing up began, but then I had a screaming run
whilst taking off my snag ears, I jumped out of my
skin with surprise and landed our fourth and final
fish, which was a nice mid double.
Shaun Gough
As night fell, the left rod was off, and after a short
fight, a small catfish of around 8lb was in the net,
so the rod was put back on the spot. At midnight
it was off again with a tench this time. Then again
at 03.30 the left rod was off. Pulling into it, it
came in easily. I was thinking it was a tench again,
but then as I got it near the bank, it came alive,
stripping about 30-40 yards of line, I then thought
– cat. It fought like a cat going on long, long runs.
I always play fish in the dark with no head light,
but after breaking the surface, there was no tail
slap, so I flicked on the head light. Seeing a carp, I
flicked it off, slackened the clutch a little more and
took my time hoping it went in the net. The way it
had fought, I was so sure it was one of the ATeam carp. Slipping the net under it and with a
sigh of relief, I turned on the head torch on to
look. I could see it wasn’t one of the A-Team but a
two-tone linear. I can’t be disappointed; it’s only
my thirrd fish out of this lake this year, and at 20lb
2oz, I’m still buzzing.
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