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Spring Tactics
tion made the rig work, resulting in a
bite. With the warmer weather hopefully in spring, chances like this have
to be taken first time because you
don’t often get two bites of the apple
on the busy, pressured waters that we
all fish nowadays.
My favourite rig would have to be
the chod, but when I first saw this rig
I can honestly say that I wasn’t
exactly impressed. My reasons being
that it was stuck on leadcore, admittedly free running or as much as you
wanted it to be, but it didn’t have the
lift of movement should I say like the
hinged stiff rig, which is what concerned me the most. How wrong was
I, and I deprived myself of using this
rig because I thought it wasn’t as
effective as the rigs that I was already
using. But after speaking to Nigel and
Ben and driving them mad with an
array of questions about the chod, on
its movement or lack of it, I decided to
give it a go, and thanks those two
convincing me of its effectiveness, I
haven’t looked back over the last two
and a half years of using it, and it’s
served me very well. This rig would
be the one I start off with on any new
water, and in my opinion it is a very
versatile rig. The best bit about the
chod rig is that it enables you to arrive
at the lake in the middle the night, be
able to move onto showing fish, and
make the minimum of disturbance
when casting regardless of what you
land on. As long as you’re in the vicinity of those fish, in my eyes you will
always be in with a chance.
This summer, 2009, I fished this
way by turning up late at night and
letting the fish show me where to
angle, resulting in me getting a bite
most mornings. With the fish being
quite active in showing and moving
in the spring, the chod rig would be a
good way of chasing them and hunting them down, because of the minimum disturbance, and only needing
to make one cast. It would definitely
be a good idea in the spring to use the
chod rig with a brightly colored popup, especially if you’re fishing off the
barrow and staying mobile, fishing for
a bite. When it comes to baiting with
the chod rig I tend to bait with the
same size boilies as the pop-up. I tend
to use small amounts of bait when
fishing; I favour using ten to 20 baits
per rod, and repeat this just before
dark. When I bait I use a small catapult and put one bait out at a time,
scattering them around the area. The
idea behind this is that I want to keep
the fish moving, and not just sitting
on a pile of bait, reducing your
chances of a bite.
My results have been so much better fishing over small amounts of bait,
but admittedly I have been fishing
very small waters, so keeping everything subtle and stealth-like is very
important. There are times when the
New PB, 40lb 7oz, caught on the chod


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