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Spring Tactics
fish will be up for a munch, and this is
when you can use large amounts of
bait, but experience tells you when
you can and can’t get away with this.
So if you are still not sure, as I wasn’t,
about the chod, put all your worries
aside because it is an awesome big
fish rig, which will put fish on the
bank for you.
Another rig I’ve been looking at for
the spring, and which I’ve just tied up
whilst at home, nearly nailing the cat
with it, is the multi-rig or as it’s now
known, the Johnny Mac rig. I find this
very interesting, as the original name
suggests it can be used for a multitude of different presentations, which
is what got me interested in the rig,
and after playing about with it, I was
quite impressed. I will leave this alone
now, as I’ve not used it yet, and have
no right to comment on it, but it does
look very good.
I’m sitting at home looking out of
the window wondering if I will ever
get a chance to try any new rigs out,
and if spring is really coming this
year. As I’m looking out, more and
more snow keeps falling, and the
boredom is really setting in now. I’ve
been looking at pictures of the fish
from my chosen spring venue this
year and reading up about the place
on every given opportunity. It’s amazing how you start forming ideas of
where you’d like to fish, and I’ve not
even seen the place yet. The only time
I have seen the venue is when I’ve
clicked onto Google Earth, which can
be a massive help, showing you
plateaus, bars and islands, but the
(Top) First one on the new bait.
(Right) The chod again.


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