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Spring Tactics
A small piece of silicone made the
done the odd night in before, and having a little bit of knowledge of the
swim, I knew it could hold a good
amount of weed. Once I’d got my
marker rod out it was obvious that the
weed ran from the margins to the second bar, which was about 30yds out.
I’d located two spots amongst the
Canadian pondweed, and I then lined
up the spots with trees on the far margin. Once I’d brought the marker rod
in I made a cast with one of my rods,
lining up with the tree on the far margin.
Once I was happy with the drop I
clipped the line up on the spool. The
second rod took a little bit longer, as
the spot was quite a bit smaller and
harder to find, but in the end the spot
was found, and I clipped the line up
on the rod ready for casting, and all
that was left to do now was tie up two
new sharp chod rigs. Once the baits
were tied on and a lighter quickly
flashed round the new ESP super bait
floss, I was ready to go. Both casts
went out first time, so all that was left
to do now was to scatter the new
Grange boilies around the area I was
fishing. At last I was fishing, and then
it was time to chill out, and as I was
sitting there having a cuppa, I
remembered that the lake had a large
amount of tench in it, as I saw one roll
just short of the island. Then after
staying up drinking tea and watching
the water intensely, my eyes gave in,
and it was time for bed. With a slight
breeze hitting my face I fell to sleep
very quickly.
On waking in the morning it felt
like I’d been asleep for a matter of
minutes, but on checking my watch
I’d actually had six hours’ sleep. I was
just planning on getting up when all
hell broke loose, and my right hand
rod started screaming away. Jumping
out of bed and picking up the rod I
could feel the fish fighting for his freedom, when all of a sudden the intense
pulling stopped and the fish boiled on
the surface. The lead had done its job
and had broken away by snapping
the 4lb nylon, which it was tied on
with. This is a brilliant way of fishing;
it enables you break free of the weed
and not get snagged up, and normally
this will bring the fish to the surface.
The fish made a couple of spirited
runs, but it was all under control, then
after one more gulp of air I led the fish
to the waiting net. As the fish glided
over the net cord I could see that it
was nice old mirror, which left me
with a big smile on my face.
On breaking the net down and
placing it on the mat, I could see that
the rig had nailed this old warrior.
Quickly weighing the fish and settling
on a weight of 24lb 12oz all that was
left to do was take a few photos.
Speaking to one of the locals after I
had returned it, he reckoned the fish
I’d caught was over 40 years old. I
know for a fact that the fish in this
lake do have a lot of history, but as to
their correct age, I wouldn’t like to
say. With my one-nighter over and a
fish under my belt, I was over the
moon, and my confidence in the new
bait was high. The spring and summer of 2009 was a good one for me,
and the change of bait was the right
thing to have done. n


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