FL12Sept - Page 140

Made In England
Keith’s Carp of the Month
…And with the one that clinched it.
packed up to leave. Walking along the
causeway between the two lakes, he
spied three or four fish in a tiny little
back bay and, on closer inspection, he
saw that it was the common and four
big mirrors. He’d been doing a bit of
floater fishing on the other lake, so
fired out a few mixers to see if they
were up for it. Within minutes all of
the mixers were gone and he was a
gibbering wreck, trying desperately
to get his floater rod set back up. He
only had six pound line on the reel,
and that proved wholly inadequate a
few minutes later when he hooked
one of the big mirrors, losing it in a
nearby weedbed. Rummaging around
in his tackle bag he eventually found
s o m e t e n p o u n d l i n e a n d, i n a
d e m e n t e d, s w e a t i n g f r e n z y r e spooled the reel and flicked another
bait out. The next hour was spent
between rage and near heart attack
as the big common idled back and
forth, devouring the freebies, then sitting within inches of the hookbait
before casually swimming away to
munch some more freebies.
Eventually, he had to leave, but
phoned up another of the Crawley
boys who has been targeting the fish
for the past couple of years (since his
capture of the Black Mirror). He told
him to get his arse down to the lake
because the Common was well up for
a capture. The guy just couldn’t get
Ian Stott just don’t stop, now with a
lovely 39.


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