FL12Sept - Page 149

Made In England
(Right) Me and Ayla, and a lot of
(Below) Simon Giblin with a Fat Lady
ready to explode.
without further ado…
D u e t o t h e a f o r e m e n t i o n e d, I
haven’t really been getting much fishing done. Well, let’s put it another
way, I haven’t been fishing much, and
when I have I really haven’t fished at
all well. Clear now? That said, I did
actually catch a bloody carp on my
last session, and not only that but Joe
was fishing opposite, and he caught
one as well! Two blue moons in one
night – miraculous! I’d been down a
week earlier, Bank Holiday weekend,
but by my Sunday morning departure
I had failed dismally – again. On my
way back along the dam wall I
stopped at a couple of swims I’d been
keeping an eye on during my infrequent visits. They’re practically the
first two that you pass when you walk
along the dam wall and, barring the
first session of the season, have been
effectively left alone. I’d sprinkled
what bait I’d had left in the margins
and beneath the overhanging trees on
a couple of occasions, but this time I
took a bit more care, baiting right
under the trees on either sides of the
swims, and leaving a trail from the
bay to the swims. I knew I only had
one night on the following week, so I
decided to give one of these a go.
I’d planned to get down in the
week to bait up a bit more, but time
just didn’t allow, so when I arrived on
Friday evening, I just hoped that the
carp had been kept interested.
Nobody was on the wall at all, and I
could have had my pick of a couple of
recently productive swims, but
decided to stick with the plan. As
they were quite tight, I decided to set
up as far back as the slope behind me
would allow, and spread the rods
beneath the trees, sprinkling a few
handfuls of bait around each, and
trailing some more around the corner
of the bay. Joe was on the far side of
the bay, and I thought he might well
have a chance there. Night fell early,
just after eight, and by eleven I’d got
my head down, an almost full moon
shining straight through the trees at
The right hand rod woke me, and I
was soon keeping a pretty nifty carp
away from all the overhanging trees
and snags. Fortunately, the full moon
lit up everything beautifully, and
about ten minutes later I landed a
lovely common of low 20’s. Tasty! I
didn’t recast that rod; I just left the
other two to it in the hope that more
fish might wander along, but soon the
sun was shining in my eyes, and I was
ready to go. Got a call from Joe to say
he’d had one, so I popped round to
take the piss, but was quite stunned
at the lovely 24lb mirror he’d caught.
He reckoned it was one of the first of
the stockies, and probably went in
about eight years ago at half the size,
so he was well chuffed at that, as was
I. All in all, a fine session, and my last
for another few weeks.


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