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Made In England
Last week Lin and I took our granddaughter, Ayla, camping to the New
Forest, and she loved it, although the
addition of a portable DVD player and
‘Shaun the Sheep’ probably had a lot
to do with that as well. Then this
weekend we’re off to the Isle of Wight
for the mother-in-law’s 75th – surely
there’s a bloody law against that, isn’t
there? So, next time I get out will be
the end of September, and it seems
that it’s all passed me by. Ho hum.
But I can’t just let it slip by without
mention of our great sporting antics.
For one brief moment Spurs were top
of the league, but then we became
un-United, so that was that. But, oh to
be in England when the Ashes are
regained. I told you, didn’t I? I said
that Freddie would have a say, and
what a say. That throw will be the
same as Wilkinson’s kick, or Hurst’s
third against Germany – his defining
moment. Oh, let joy be unconfined,
and then, suddenly, we have a football
team that could, you know, whisper it
in dark corridors and all that but, well,
you know what I’m saying? Isn’t it?
5-1. Come on, you’ve got to think,
haven’t you? But not out loud, of
course, because we all know… well,
you know. Good, that’s clear enough
then, we’re off to South Africa, and
Andy Murray isn’t, bless him.
So, back to some carp fishing, and a
few worthies have been out there and
doing it, big style. None bigger, really,
than Simon Giblin. He went off to St
Ives Lagoon and in very short order
caught himself the massive Fat Lady
at a truly fat 60lb 12oz. I must admit
that when I saw the photos I could
see her joining the list of big carp
casualties in the very near future, so
how pleased was I when I spotted her
in Carp Talk at less than 50lbs. Jon
Waller had her recently at 51lb, but at
least she’s spawned well and that
should see her in good stead for a few
more seasons.
(Top) Ian Stott Haulage I believe the
company is called.
(Left) There’s quite a lot of ‘em.


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