FL12Sept - Page 152

Made In England
(Above) Second of a couple of honeys
for Richard Shelley.
(Below) Spooky 39 from Jason Smith.
There have been some lovely commons out of late, and none more so
than a couple that Richard Shelley
b a g g e d f o r h i m s e l f. H e ’d h a d a
chunky 35lb common a few months
ago, but bettered that with a beautiful
37lb fish after an early morning move
– good angling, mate. That old catching machine, Ian Stott, has been
absolutely battering them at Elstow,
catching more 30’s than Stuart Pearce
had hot wingers. A couple of note
aren’t the normal Elstow strain, and
although not the largest, are amongst
Ian’s most pleasing captures, and you
can see why. Due to circumstances
he wouldn’t have ever wished for,
Ian’s been able to put a bit of time
into his fishing of late, and he really is
making the most of it in a big way.
Well done, mate, just keep ‘em coming.
My old Spurs chum, Colin Walford,
is becoming almost as much of a regular in here as Ian, but he deserves it
just as much for his continued success on Sutton-at-Hone. Not only did
he catch the Fully Scaled again, but
he bagged the Little Fully, and a cou-
ple of 30-plus commons. And he’s not
only a Spurs supporter, but he ended
his e-mail with a plea for England to
b a t t e r t h e Au s s i e s a t t h e O v a l .
Here’s a bloody weird one. I was
sitting at my computer the other
night, knocking out a few thousand
words for the book, and whilst I was
there I heard a ‘ding’ as another email arrived. I left it for a moment to
finish what I was writing, which
involved the weighing of a carp. I
wanted it to be below forty pounds,
although it looked over that weight,
so I decided on 39lb exactly. When I


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