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Made In England
or do a strange dance. In the end, all
three seemed quite appropriate.
Well, what d’yer think? I hope
you’re titillated, just a bit. Keep an eye
out in the press for a few more bits, I’ll
maybe put some on the Freebird
website, as well. We’re gonna launch
it at the Sandown Show at the end of
November, so if you fancy a signed
copy I’ll be there all weekend. In the
meantime, just one last little taster;
just makes me smile.
Throughout the countryside, there
are ‘Old Teds’ in every community.
Their age is always difficult to pinpoint and can be anywhere between
62 and 104. Strangely, nobody recalls
them in their twenties and thirties,
probably because then they would
just have been known as ‘Ted’.
A faint smell of root vegetables,
wood smoke and ruminating ungulates seems to pervade him. He doesn’t favour the full facial bush, just a
burgeoning set of sideburns that
could house a family of blue tits.
His is the wisdom of the trees;
knowledge that is not so much learnt,
rather gained by osmosis. How else
could he know that a smiling swan
indicated a possible assassination
attempt on a local councillor, or that
three newts ‘neath a lily leaf meant a
harsh frost before the next full moon?
If he had been given the power of
speech at birth, on seeing the four
hairs sprouting from the mole on the
lip of the midwife, he could have predicted that the milk in his mother’s
breast would be sour afore noon of
the morrow.
Enough of that; just got time to
hear from our old, rocking mate, Stan
Musselwhite to see what’s been rocking his boat.
Well, pop-pickers, it’s all beginning to get a bit frantic and,
thankfully, a bit intimate. Got a
couple of albums to discuss and
a couple of gigs coming up that
I’m really looking forward to.
I told you, last month, about Thea
Gilmour’s website and the tour she’s
doing, well joy of joy’s, she’s doing
just one gig down south in a sixty
seater venue, and we’ve got four tickets to see it – bloody marvellous!
When we saw her in the Komedia in
Brighton a couple of years ago there
were about a hundred present, so this
is gonna be like having her over for
tea in yer front room. Can’t wait.
Prior to that it’s all coming thick
and fast. By the time you read this I
will probably have been to see Wishbone Ash and The Hamsters at a local
theatre, which will be a bit of a treat.
Seen the Hamsters a couple of times
and if you like your Hendrix and ZZ
Top, these are the boys for you; great
entertainment. And as for Wishbone
Ash, man, I first saw them at the Oval
in 1971, along with
Argent, Frank Zappa
a n d Fo c u s – t h e y
were the days, eh?
Not seen them for a
dozen years or so,
probably more, but I
still love that double
guitar sound. Blowin’
F r e e, J a i l b a i t , T h e
K i n g W i l l C o m e,
Phoenix, oh, come on!
After that I’ve got a
strange combination.
Aynsley Lister is playing a small venue
about twenty miles
away in early Novem-
ber, so that will be well worth the trip.
Then I’m going to see Gary Numan at
Brighton! Yeah, bizarre innit? My boss
absolutely loves him, and asked if I’d
go with him, and I didn’t have the
heart to say no, just in case he asked
are friends electric (yeah, really sorry
about that, but that’s all I could come
up with)? Then a week after that it’s
Aynsley again, this time with the
Chillcott’s in Aldershot. No, the support band aren’t The Chillcott’s –
Chilly and Lyn, you duffers.
So, there’s a surfeit of sounds up
until Christmas, and I’m sure by then
we’ll start sorting out next years big
festivals and tours. I had high hopes
for a couple of reunions of two of my
favourite bands, but Keith Emerson
has got to have surgery on his hand,
and may well never play again, and
the same is possibly true of Phil
Collins, whose injured back may stop
him from ever playing the drums
again. How bloody annoying, Genesis
and ELP are probably the only two big
prog rock bands around whose members are all still alive, and now they’ve
succumbed to old age – never happens to the bloody Stones, does it? Oh
well, let’s hope that Mick and the
boys decide on ‘just one more tour’,
Got a few albums recently, but two
have only just arrived so I’ll have to
give you a brief resume, then see if I
like ‘em any better by next month.
Like Chickenfoot. I’d only just got the
album when I wrote last months article, but since then I have to say that I
bloody love it! It is pure, unadulterated rock, and a couple of tracks on
there have really got me by the throat,
those being ‘Soap on a Rope’ and
‘Down the Drain’. Great stuff. If you


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