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We’ve also added three new videos
to our YouTube channel with the
emphasis being on helping anglers
get more from our products, prepare
them better and ultimately catch
more fish! First up, Tony Curd shows
us two very different ways of preparing Expanders while Andy Neal
shares a tip that makes catching from
the margins an absolute doddle! On
the carp scene, Ian Hirst visits Old
Hough Fishery to show that the
method feeder should never be
ignored when targeting big carp.
Please feel free to share these videos
on your own social media channels.
There have been plenty of new
additions to fish species in the Gaby
range over the last few weeks and
also some fantastic log design pillows, which are proving to be incredibly popular, not only as an item for
the home but also in the bivvy with
many of our carp anglers using them
regularly and commenting how comfortable and practical they are! If
you’d like to add the Gaby range to
your shop please contact info@baittech.com or your distributor.
Bait-Tech would like to express a
massive thank-you to all of you for
being valued stockists of our product
range, and we’d like to give you extra
exposure as a Bait-Tech stockist
through our Facebook, Twitter and
Instagram pages, so if you would like
us to put you in front of more BaitTech followers, we’d welcome some
photos of Bait-Tech product stocked
in your shop. These can be sent
through to web@bait-tech.com with
a few brief details about the shop:
name, location, a web address if applicable and a Facebook page that we
can tag in a post if you have one. n
Fuel up on the bank
Heading on an overnight fishing trip? Enjoy a warming brew or
cool drink with LifeSaver’s portable Cube
From hot sun to cold, damp, rainy
days, fishing isn’t always a fairweather sport. A refreshing cold drink
or a comforting warm brew is ideal for
a day at the water’s edge, and the
innovative Cube filter from LifeSaver
makes the perfect companion. Forget
lugging heavy containers of clean
water with you; the LifeSaver Cube is
a water carrier and filter that uses
advanced, ultra filtration technology
to instantly remove 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.9% of cysts and even 99.99%
of viruses from untreated river or lake
water, making it 100% safe and palatable to drink.
Requiring no extra power or chemicals, the LifeSaver Cube is extremely
quick and easy to operate. Simply
unscrew the top and submerge the
open side into the
water (taking care not
to submerge the tap). It
can also be filled easily
f r o m a t a p o r h o s e.
Once filled, pump the
Cube to push the water
t h r o u g h L i f e S a v e r ’s
ultra-filtration membrane. Open the valve
and clean and clear
water will flow from the
tap into your chosen
sterile container. The
five-litre Cube is ideal
for individual use but
can also be used to provide clean and safe
water for larger groups,
and it’s great for trips
where you’ll be camping overnight too.
Manufactured in the UK with a
robust casing that is designed to
stand up to the rigours of life outdoors, its high-capacity filter is capable of filtering an incredible 5,000
litres of water (or 20,000 cups of tea!),
making it a sound investment for any
committed fishing enthusiast. The filter also feature’s LifeSaver’s FailSafe
technology, meaning that once the filter no longer works, water won’t be
able to pass through. You don’t need
to worry about keeping tabs on how
long the filter’s been active or how
many litres it has treated, the FailSafe
technology means there is no risk of
drinking unsafe water. When the filter
has stopped working, it can be easily
replaced time and time again, extending the lifetime of your LifeSaver
While the Ultra Filtration filter does
the hard work of removing hidden
nasties from your water, the LifeSaver
Cube also features an activated carbon filter to remove any unwanted
flavours or odours from the water. All
you’ll be able to taste is clear, clean
and fresh water.
For more information about the
LifeSaver Cube, visit www.iconlifesaver.com. n


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