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A Question of Bait
made me pinpoint an area of any pit
to have a go at, then I’d recommend
you pay close attention to the historically productive winter areas as a
starting point. If you don’t have any
‘previous’ to go on, my favourites are
areas north east of the middle with
good variations in depth, or my very
favourite is distant woodwork in
northerly corners with good variation
of depth if it exists.
The point I’m trying to make is that
turning up hurling in 10kg of any bait
randomly and fishing over it is never
going to be successful in a month of
Sundays, and I’m so glad I don’t fish
the little ‘rat race’ venues where it
goes on with no thought of the effect
on the sport of other anglers or the
potential damage large volumes of
the wrong bait can have on fish in
cold weather. There is a limit to what
they can eat in cold water, and
exceeding it is a monumental waste
of time and money and will be counterproductive for you and everybody
(Top) Early November Savay stunner.
(Below) A late November Savay
fishmeal eater.
else, so give us all a break and DON’T
There are very few consistently
successful winter anglers who fish
over huge amounts of bait. There are
some who know when and how to do
it successfully, but they’re in the
minority, and there’s a lot more tactical thinking going on along with the
baiting than will ever come across in
the catch report in Carp-Talk.
It’s interesting that often the very


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