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All Things Riggy
when I fished it back in 1997. The old
original Match Lake carp had seen an
unrelenting amount of pressure over
the past couple of decades, and
something a bit different gave some
blistering takes. Fishing a heavy, flat
inline running on the leadcore with
really tight lines and a quiver style
indicator meant as soon as the carp
tightened the hooklink, which took
little movement, as I was using
Amnesia hooklengths, the pressure
was applied via the tension of the
quiver rather than the lead. A bleep,
usually followed by a one-noter
ensued, as the fish had no room for
negotiation and panicked, giving the
blistering take.
Another time I’d favour running
leads is in the winter when weed is
not a major problem. The fish are
(Right) As fluorocarbon mainlines
don’t cast as far, the right lead needs
to be selected.
(Below) A running 3oz flat lead fooled
this old Match Lake original mirror,
Little Scissors, at 27lb12oz.
moving less, so a tighter line can be
used, and as they will be moving very
slowly, any indication of a pick-up will
be registered at the indicator. With
the alarms on maximum sensitivity,
any bleeps should be struck, perhaps
getting you a bonus fish you’d have
been unaware of with a semi-fixed
The last aspect of the lead I want to
quickly touch on is using it as a tool to
discover what you’re fishing on by
feeling the lead down as it hits the
lakebed. I’m sure the majority of Big
Carp readers already do this, but if
you don’t you are missing out on so
much knowledge of what sorts of
spots are producing fish, and knowing your rig is presented well. The difference you get from cracking down
on gravel to lightly touching soft silt
and everything in between can make
choosing the right lead so much easier. So if you don’t feel your lead
down, then start doing so, and more
pieces of the giant carp catching jigsaw might fall into place for you.
Hopefully this article has given you
food for thought and a change of lead,
be it in size, shape, colour, texture,
type or setup, or a combination of
several might help bank you a bonus
carp or two. n


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