FL12Sept - Page 177

In Search of Monster Carp
e join Steve
this month
as he moves
onto his
other Colne
Valley water.
Steve: I was still left with the other
Colne Valley water to fish. I hadn’t
been banned from that one yet, and
there was some lovely carp in that
lake; some proper old Leney carp that
I really wanted to catch. This particular lake used to be a lot bigger; it had
been land filled, and they had lost a
fair few of the old stock. But a lot of
them were still in there, and among
them were some big 30’s, proper old
scaly things, linears and all that; they
were fantastic fish, so I decided to
concentrate on that a bit more. I had
that and my foreign fishing, so I had
another trip to Cassien that winter. I
know I’m diverting a bit to Cassien
here, but that really put my spirits up
after getting banned from the other
(Top) A Cassien summer common
when I moved over to the dark side.
(Below left) Preparing the rigs for the
night ahead at Cassien.
(Below right) Big summer carp
weren’t easy to come by at Cassien, so
this 43lb mirror was more than
lake. I just felt like getting away from
everything, and just going on waters
where you didn’t see anyone and no
one bothered you. Cassien was perfect for that, and I had a great winter
that year. What I remember that winter for was that it was the first time I’d
done a long session in one swim. We
literally sat for a month in one swim
up the North Arm on the Second
Point, and never moved; we just sat
there through the whole lot.
It was good for a number of rea-
sons, one of them being that I caught
more fish than I’d caught on any of
my other winter sessions. I started
doing winter sessions in 1994
because they allowed night fishing on
Cassien for the first time in the summer, whereas it never used to be
allowed, so all of a sudden it was getting full up with people. The way to
avoid them was do the winter trips,
which at that time, hardly anyone was
doing – Cassien was somewhere you
went in the summer, but in the winter


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