FL12Sept - Page 179

In Search of Monster Carp
set up a floater rod and firing out mixers, and these fish were still having
them. There was one rod that I had
left out, which was just cast into the
weed. I’d been round and had a look
at it, and the bait was actually resting
just on top of the weed. I wasn’t that
confident in it, but that one went off. I
was more excited about the floater
fishing; I wanted to get the floater rod
out. I thought it was bound to be a little fish or something, and I just
wanted to get it in and out of the way.
It charged through a few weedbeds,
and gradually I pulled it in through all
the weed. As it got closer I saw this
line of scales, and I thought it was one
of those 30lb linears or something,
because there were a couple in there
of around 30lb. As I got it in the net I
looked down, and I though Jesus
Christ, it’s the big one. There was one
in there, a double linear, and it was the
biggest of the lot, which had been
any fish was a good fish.
I also caught one by slinging a popup to a jumping fish in the middle, but
other than that it was pretty quiet. It
was about July time when I was
walking around the lake, and I came
to one corner and there were a few
fish there. I hadn’t seen anything anywhere else, so I thought it’s got to be
the place to be – at least I’m seeing
fish. So I moved all my gear around to
that corner, and I hadn’t caught anything by the following morning, but I
did see one of the quite big fish that
hadn’t been caught for about six or
seven years. There were a lot of fish in
there that hadn’t been caught for
years, and I remember looking at this
big old grey one and thinking that
there was a good chance of having
something. So I sat there and fish
drifted in and out, and in the afternoon the sun got up a bit. They were
cruising round on the top, so I put a
few mixers out and these fish started
coming up and having the mixers.
I was scrambling around trying to
(Top) I always wanted my first
English 40 to be special, but I don’t
think that it could have been any
better than this one!
(Centre) Doing a bit of pioneering in
(Right) A Portuguese carp from a
totally virgin water.


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