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Gear Alert
Save Your Damaged Tent – and Money –
with STORM’s TEAR AID Repair Patch
Don’t let a damaged tent ruin your camping trip! If you’re planning a last minute
camping trip this summer, but notice your tent has a rip or tear, then STORM’s
TEAR AID offers the perfect solution to save your tent, and you money! There is
no need to abandon your trip or buy a new tent. STORM’s TEAR AID is ideal to
repair tents that have sustained any rips or tears.
Retailing at just £7.50, the patch allows clear and flexible airtight and water
tight repairs to be made with ease. Simply clean the area, cut patch, peel and
stick – no messy glue needed! Extremely durable, the TEAR AID can last for several years, saving you the expense of having to buy a new tent. Small and
portable, it’s also ideal to take with you in case tent damage occurs during a
camping trip.
As well as tents, TEAR AID is also suitable for clothing, sleeping mats, inner
tubes, wellies, kites, outdoor gear and much more… For larger areas of damage,
STORM offers the larger standard pack. n
New Limited Edition Pop-Ups and Bulk
Floater Pouches Announced!
Bait-Tech are excited to announce
some new additions to our Poloni and
Triple-N Boilie ranges with the single
colour Pop-Up 150g pouches. Many
anglers have a favourite colour when
it comes to hook baits, and by offering
single colours, we’re able to meet
their needs or when a particular
colour is doing the damage on a
Both ranges come in yellow, pink
and white versions with the Poloni
coming in 14mm and 18mm baits and
the Triple-N coming in 15mm and
For the Triple-N Range, we have
also introduced the limited edition
‘Specials’. These come in yellow and
pink versions and offer a more vivid
shade for when a brighter hook bait is
needed – perfect for fishing as single
hook baits or when a standout hook
bait is required.
With the heatwave set to continue
for the foreseeable future, surface fishing has been providing many anglers
with explosive action. We’ve enjoyed
great success with our Floater Packs,
and we’ve decided to offer the popular Floater Pellets in a bulk 3.5kg
pouch, which is perfect for the surface fishing enthusiast or for keeping
in the van or car for those opportunist
situations that so often arise! n
Light the way
with VARTA’s
Outdoor Sports
Flashlight 3C
Don’t be left in the dark when the sun
goes down with the VARTA LED Outdoor Sports Flashlight 3C. It is the
perfect way to illuminate the campsite with up to 120 hours of power
and up to 310 Lumens, meaning users
can sit back and enjoy the night sky
without worrying about trying to find
tent zips at the end of the day. The
glow-in-the-dark ‘Angel Eye’ material
on the head means you’ll always be
able to find it with no hassle, and the
bottle opener on the end cap is a
handy tool for drinks by the campfire.
For more information on VARTA
products, visit: www.VARTA-consumer.co.uk. To order a sample, email
varta@provapr.co.uk n


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