FL12Sept - Page 182

In Search of Monster Carp
(Above) Raduta could be hell to fish,
but at times it was heaven too.
(Right) Pete absolutely loved Raduta
for some reason…
(Bottom) A special moment with a
big Raduta common of 53lb.
the time I’d rather leave them. But I
have to say, when you’re competing,
doing well and you’ve got a chance of
winning, they’re brilliant. I loved
every minute of that World Cup, and
from the first day right through to the
last we were in the lead. The feeling
of actually coming through and winning one of those competitions was
amazing. There were something like
90,000 visitors to that competition
over the five days. There were even
families clapping us at 2am, which
was mad. I remember we were both
in bed asleep; it was pitch black,
about 2am, and I got a run. I got up for
it, and there was a family behind us
clapping. They’d obviously been
standing there in the night just waiting for something to happen, and we
were in the bivvies snoring. The
whole event was weird, and there are
loads of stories, but it was great to
win it.
In 1998, I’d spoken to Rod Hutchinson a couple of times at the shows,
and then all of a sudden I had a phone
call when he was starting up the
dream team, asking, “Do you want to


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