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In Search of Monster Carp
be a part of it?” I thought blimey,
yeah, I mean all I’d done something
like it before when I was with the
Carp Company, just getting bits of
bait, but I’d never been a paid consultant for any of them. So I jumped at
that chance, because I liked the idea
of working with Rod and using his
baits, and I was getting a bit of money
as well. You could hardly call it a
wage, but it was a bit of paid carp
fishing, and I was all in favour of that.
So that lead to a few things.
Another thing in 1998 was the discovery of Lake Raduta in Romania,
which was to have quite a big impact
on me and my fishing. I had three
trips that first year in 1998, and then
another one in 1999 with Pete Jones
when we caught loads of fish. Pete
had never caught a 40 then, and I
hadn’t caught a 40lb common, and
we both caught 40lb commons, and
we had them on the bank at the same
time, which was fantastic. Those
Raduta commons were fantastic; I
have never seen commons like them –
they were just gorgeous. Raduta had
just done the world record, which
until then had been held by some
French bloke who had just caught
this carp out of a river in France and
knocked it on the head. Then all of a
sudden one had been caught out of
Lake Raduta, which was obviously
still in there, and we could go and fish
for it. I’d never fished for a World
Record before, so that was exciting.
There was just so much going on,
and we went to Africa in that little
period too. Now you know I thought
going to France to do a bit of carp
fishing was good, but then there was
Romania, and then all of a sudden
South Africa. We flew out there; it was
something like a 12-hour flight, and it
was fantastic. We went out in February, and we walked off the plane and
it was blazing hot sunshine, their
summer, so how good was that? It
was a fantastic place, and there was
this lake right in the middle of the
African bush. We had a bush fire in
the evening, and you could hear the
lions roaring in the distance, and there
were huge spiders and things crawling all round. But there were big carp
(Top left) Glum got his own back with
this 41lb 8oz common.
(Top right) I must have tied up
hundreds of these during the match.
(Bottom left) On our way to winning
the 2000 World Carp Cup at Fishabil.


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