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In Search of Monster Carp
in there as well, and I think we had
three 50’s that first trip; I had a 54lb
mirror, which made another country
I’d caught a 50 from. France was the
only place I knew of previously, well,
i n R a d u t a t h e r e w a s a c h a n c e,
although I hadn’t caught one, but I’d
gone to Africa and caught one.
Also I drove all the way down to
Portugal with Pete Jones, and it took
us 17 hours – a hell of a journey. We
got the Portsmouth to Santander
ferry, which was 36 hours, and then it
was 17 hours driving down to the
lake. Christ it killed me, as I did all the
driving. It was hard work, and we didn’t catch big fish. The exciting thing
about it was that it real sort of pio-
neering. I mean, I remember pulling
up at this great big lake, thousands of
acres, and we didn’t even know if
there was a carp in there. It was just
this big expanse of water that we’d
seen on the map. We just set the rods
up, put the bait out, and it was weird
sitting there thinking there might not
even be a carp in here. But literally
about four hours later, off it went, and
Pete had the first one. Then we
caught quite a few, nothing big, but it
was exciting though because we just
didn’t know what we were going to
catch, and it also proved the point
that carp will eat boilies straight
away. There were always these theories that you had to introduce boilies
over the years, and on some waters
you do have to, but there they just ate
them straight away. It was good fun.
The only English fishing I did in
that little period was when I went up
to Hutch’s water, Woldview. I fished
up there a couple of times, and I
caught a few up there, but again
nothing big. I remember seeing his
big fish, Floppy Tail, which was the
first fish I saw on the bank when a
guy caught it next to me. I caught a
few fish, but otherwise, the only local
fishing I did was on Rodney Meadow,
(Top) The Hutchinson away team
basking in the South African
(Left) I have to admit that this was
quite a special moment.


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