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In Search of Monster Carp
which by then had been restocked,
and there were some nice fish in there
up to probably mid-30’s, and it was
nice and local. It was literally only
round the corner from me, so I had
quite a few sessions on there, mainly
on the old Monster Crab pop-ups. I
was making the old Monster Crab
pop-ups with Shellfish Sense Appeal,
and what a combination that was; it
was just catching fish everywhere.
I remember doing the start of the
season down there one year. I’d gone
into the car park for the draw, and
there were about 12-15 of us. I try to
pull the old stroke of folding your card
in half to get it pulled out first, and got
sussed out straight away. They pulled
it out and they said, “You ain’t gonna
get away with that!” I thought that
would be a new one on them, but it
wasn’t. I got this swim anyway
around the middle of the lake where
I’d caught a fish before. Ginger Steve
was there, but he wasn’t fishing; he
was just down there to see what was
going on. I told him the swim I’d got,
and I said, “I’ve caught fish from there
before,” and he said, “Well, you might
catch fish from there, but everyone
else on the lake is gonna catch more
than you – I guarantee it.” I think I had
14 fish over the next three or four
days, and there were only about 20
fish out. I caught them all on these little Monster Crab pop-ups. All I was
doing was just casting onto the bars;
there were two main bars running up
the lake in front of me, and I was just
casting the little pop-ups on top of the
bars. The fish were cruising up and
down the bars and just picking them
up; it was easy peasy. So that was my
little bit of fishing on Rodney
Meadow; it didn’t last long but I had a
good bit of fun on there. n
(Top) South Africa was about as
exotic as it could get for a carp angler.
(Below) It took a while, but this South
African mirror of 54lb was well worth
waiting for.


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