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Rob Maylin
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Big Carp Issue 266.
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Welcome to the one-year anniversary issue of Free Line Magazine. It’s hard
to believe that 12 months has passed by so quickly. Firstly, I must thank
our advertisers and our readers without whom none of these issues would
be possible at all. There have been massive changes in the world of fishing
magazines over the past couple of years. At one time there were nearly a
dozen different publications adorning the newsagents’ shelves. Anyone
remember Carp Addict or Carpology’s Maximum Carp? They were the first
to go, signalling two things: firstly, there were too many carp titles on the
shelves, and secondly, times were changing – the social networks had arrived. Some tried to hold back the tide, hoping things would turn in their
favour, but they were never going to. The flood of information on YouTube,
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the digital highway meant anglers no
longer had to pay for the information they needed; they did not have to
see what had been caught that week, as everyone’s catches were posted
instantly. David Hall and Angling Publications, Advanced Carp, Crafty
Carper and Carp-Talk are now titles from the past. It all happened so
It was time to evolve for Bountyhunter Publications… either that or
throw in the towel too, so Free Line was born – totally revolutionary, the
first 200-plus page free carp publication available as a website page turner
and an App. We offered you the choice to sign up and receive the latest
issue as soon as it came out or not, if you prefer. Regular posts on our social networks meant that most anglers knew that it comes out on the first
of the month. The magazine was an instant success, of course – it was free,
and who doesn’t like something free? But it was more than that; it was
‘class’, with all the latest news up front. It has up to 20 pages of information
from the Environment Agency, the Angling Trust, PAG, Carp Society, National Fishing Month and the River and Canal Trust, plus many more, over
30 pages of catch reports, unbiased and accepted from any individual, all
the latest tackle reviews in our Carp Scene section and articles both cutting
edge and old school. Free Line was for everyone – kids and granddads
alike. The rest is history, and here we are one year down the line, 30,000
subscribers, five-star reviews and a very bright future for our new baby.
And what of Big Carp, I hear you ask? Well, I have got to say the future
looks very rosy too. No doubt all these other magazines closing down have
helped us immensely. Tesco’s just recently quadrupled their order, so obviously there are still a lot of anglers that like a proper mag to take fishing
or relax with at home. But really it’s our subscribers that have supported
us for the past 30 years and who have kept BC going. It’s always been different from the rest, bucking the trends, one step ahead – a voice for the
everyday carper. Thanks, guys, for all your support over the years. I reckon
I can just about manage a 50th Anniversary Big Carp if I’m lucky!! God help
us all, as I have no idea what carp fishing will be like in another 20 years…
the mind boggles!!


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