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In Search Of Monster Carp
and make them into paste. These
were the first of the boilies if you like,
and they were pretty high nutrition
themselves, but this was before the
milk proteins or anything like that.
Len Gurd and his crew were innovators in that area. Len Gurd also
worked at Vauxhall Motors, and he
was the regional organiser for the
BCSG way back in the early 70’s, and
I became good friends with him… I’m
jumping the gun a little bit, so I don’t
want to forget any of these early
memories because they really are
gold dust.
As I told you, once the winter came
round pike fishing was the way we
went and we would often travel quite
long distances to fish for pike in our
holidays from school. A friend of mine,
Alan Minns had a HA Viva van at the
time, and how he ever got around in
this thing I don’t know as it was on its
last legs when he bought it, but we
would drive to Scotland and Wales
regularly in this HA van. We went up
to Wales and fished Lake Bala during
the early holidays in the spring before
the season would open on 16th June,
and also up to Scotland to fish on
L o c h L o m o n d a n d L o c h Ke n . I
remember one particular trip in 1972
when we drove up to Loch Ken to go
pike fishing and were greeted by an
awesome sight on one of the large
peninsulas of land there overlooking
the Loch. There was a large tent
erected on this bit of land and on
every available part of the point were
rods set high up on bite alarms and
rod rests. The first thing that I noticed
was the size of the reels; they were
Mitchell reels much like our Mitchell
300’s but nearly three times the size.
Everything was painted camouflage
including the large tent, and there
were four guys sleeping in this tent
who we chatted to and arranged to
meet in the local pub later that day.
These four guys turned out to be
British Carp Study Group members
t o o f r o m a l l o v e r t h e c o u n t r y. I
remember one guy was from Leicester, one guy was from Gloucester, and
the other two were from around the
London area somewhere but they’d
all driven up to Loch Ken to fish for
pike during the closed season, and
(Top) ‘Catch Data Card’ for Wyboston
in the seventies.
(Right) Biggest carp in the lake.
(Below) My setup – no buzzers and
nothing matching.
they had the most amazing tackle
that I had ever seen in my life. These
guys actually told Alan and me about
the carp baits they were using, which
were these high nutritional mixes
with eggs type of boilies that are used
now. It wasn’t that it was in one ear
and out the other, but by this time we
were catching quite consistently
using sweetcorn for carp, which was
an absolutely deadly bait in the 70’s. I
suppose we were not really willing to
try these specials, and it wasn’t until
quite a few years later that I made my
first boilies.


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