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In Search Of Monster Carp
was all brand new; there weren’t all
the magazines we have today; the
only carp magazines that was out
there was firstly The Carp, the BCSG
magazine, and that was highly exclusive. Hardly anybody ever got in the
BCSG, and I’ll tell you about my
exploits trying to get in the BCSG in a
moment. Then there was the CAA
magazine, which was out I think four
times a year, or something like that.
The Carp Society didn’t exist until
1980 so these were the carp fishing
magazines of the time, and there was
nothing else to read. You couldn’t
wait until one of these publications
came out, and you would read it from
cover to cover, 20 or 30 times, trying
to digest every little bit of information
from all these ultra-secret guys
a r o u n d t h e c o u n t r y, a l l c o m i n g
together as one to discuss their
secrets and pool their knowledge.
The BCSG meetings in the Bedfordshire area were also a little bit different to the meetings of today, as we
would have strippers. We would
always have two or three girls come
along and end up doing an exotic
dancing routine, usually ending up
with a couple of guys on the floor
with them at the end. What would
(Top) One in the snow from ‘5
(Below) Fairlands 21 pounder – the
lake’s first 20.
carp anglers think of that today I
wonder? Well, it depends where you
stand I suppose, but you know, a lot of
people didn’t like Peter Mohan and
thought that he was the wrong person for the job, but he was a very
open-minded guy, and he didn’t want
carp fishing to get political. But there
was an element of people out there
who had been refused entry to the
BCSG and did want to get political,
and it was some of these who formed
the Carp Society in 1980. Once again,
its first meeting was in Dunstable.
Anyway, I applied for the BCSG in
the late 70’s and Peter, who didn’t
know me well at that time, asked me
to make a list of all the double figure
carp that I had caught in the preceding three seasons. Of course by fishing waters like Stanborough, catching
100 double figure carp in a season
was fairly commonplace, and after
sending my first application back, he
wrote back with a very snooty letter
saying that he basically didn’t believe
me. I had caught more carp this season than the whole of the rest of the
BCSG put together, which made me
laugh. The following season I applied
again and once again I think I’d
caught something like 140 carp over
double figures, mainly from Stanborough and those well-stocked waters
around my area, and several 20lb’ers
as well. I didn’t catch my first 30lb
carp until I believe 1981 and we’ll get
to that in a moment. But anyway, I
was turned down twice by Peter for
the BCSG. Later on, I think it was in
1983 when I wrote Tiger Bay, which
was published by Kevin Maddocks, a
very great friend of Peter’s, Peter
actually apologised to me saying that


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