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Well, the ladies’ British Carp Cup Pairs finished, and positions
changed all weekend. Elaine and Debbie kept plugging away with
very little sleep all weekend, and they were extremely happy to take
second place, snatching it with a last minute finish in the last hour or
“We took part in the Ladies British Carp Cup Pairs this weekend,
trying to retain our title from last year. Weather was at different
spectrums of the scale between Friday and Sunday, which made
conditions hard, but we ploughed on and were determined that effort
would equal rewards for us. We had to travel to the venue twice in
preparation and practice, and we spent as many hours driving there
and back as we did fishing overnight.
We fine tuned our strategy and planned our choice of preferred
swims. We pretty much made the bold decision to fish a style that
was not common and kept our focus and confidence in what we had
planned. Hooked On Baits, RidgeMonkey and Castaway PVA HQ
products played a massive part in our bait choice and strategy of rig
style, which paid off. We made another bold decision to fish a swim
that we had put third on our list, believing it would be less favoured
by others.
Again this was another good decision, as we came out in the last
third of the draw, which meant we got one of our preferred swims.
Bold decisions and confidence in our tackle and bait choice paid off. A
slight change in our approach in the last three hours of the
competition meant we tempted one last fish of the comp, and it put
us in second place. Be bold, be confident and have faith.
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