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Jon Reynolds – After nearly three years of fishing his syndicate, team
member Jon Reynolds has been after a certain six fish, ranging from
26lb to 33lb and has fished it nearly every weekend over the past
three years to try and find these carp. During his last session, he
jumped in a swim called the Long Chuck and fished two new clay
spots in the deeper water, bearing in mind most of the lake is silt and
these spots produced four fish for him previously. So getting back in
the same swim and back on the same spots, and he was in, landing
the 333 and a new PB of 24lb 12oz. He got the rod back on the spot, and
then he was in again with a 17lb common then again the same rod
rattled off, but after a 15-minute battle, the hook pulled, and it was a
lump! The left hand rod was then away, and he landed ‘Robin’ at 19lb
4oz. It was non-stop action with the middle rod off again to a little
mirror of 12lb 12oz.
At this point, he had not much sleep, only managing four hours,
when he was woken by a screamer, which gave him a half-hour
battle before going in the net, and it was Humperdink at 28lb,
another new PB for him. Then, you guessed it, the rod was off again,
and he landed a fish called Mr. White at 19lb 4oz, another named fish
ticked off the list. He landed another three fish: a 19lb 8oz common
and then an 18lb common, and as he was packing up, last but not
least, the rod was off again, resulting in a common of 22lb 12oz. Then
he had to go home, as he’d run out of bait.
All the fish were caught on a D-rig, snowman style, with a yellow
Fix-8 pop-up, putting out around 15kg of Fix-8 on the spots over the
weekend. This was probably the best season he had ever had, and it
was all down to hard work, persistence and the NEW FIX-8 range of
Lee Smith – It was a less than ideal start to this weekend, losing what
looked to be a mid to high 30 at the net followed by a cut-off on the
same rod an hour or so later on Saturday morning. This morning it all
came good with this 25lb 3oz mirror taking some of the sting out of
the previous day’s losses. I used pink S7 half tone over the top of 8mm
S7 and Monster Particle oily hemp seed, and as always no rig hits the
water without the hook point protected with a Castaway PVA
Adam Honeysett – This weekend’s fishing on the park was a bit
patchy between work parties and doing a bit of floater fishing. Lots
of important work was achieved, including extracting a snag, which
had a tackle shop’s worth of equipment attached. A great time was
had working with caring anglers and good friends. To cut a long story
short, I managed three fish over the weekend: one on Friday evening,
one on Saturday afternoon and another on Sunday. The fish were a
25lb 8oz common, a 26lb 4oz mirror and then the icing on the cake
came on Sunday with a fish that I dearly wanted, No Name at 48lb
2oz. I’m absolutely buzzing. I used Rigmarole Specimen hooklinks
and trimmed-down Burton Bait Rollers Magnet pop-ups, and the
mixers were presented in small Castaway PVA mesh bags so I didn’t
attract the massive bird population.


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