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Stojan Radosavljevi – Lake Sumbar, Croatia.
When Nutrabaits offered me the chance to join members of the team
from across Europe for seven days on Lake Sumbar in Croatia, I
jumped at the opportunity. I had heard quite a lot about Sumbar from
my long time Croatian friend Zeljko Spasic, who had fished the lake
for a number of years, and I knew it held some very big fish. The trip
would be a great chance for me to meet members of the team who I
have had many conversations with via social media/email etc and to
put myself in the frame to possibly catch a new personal best. My
excitement was tempered with a bit of anxiety however, as this
really was a journey into the unknown for me. I knew a number of
Nutrabaits products had done exceptionally well on Sumbar over the
years, and I put my faith in home-rolled Trigga Ice with Pineapple
flavour and N-Butyric Acid and Enervite Gold with Tutti-Frutti and
my favourite Jaffa Essential Oil. By way of back up, I used some
Trigga Pineapple and Butyric shelflifes and a bucket of maize each
day that I purchased on site.
For hook bait presentation, I went for a short hook length fished
blow back style, in conjunction with size 6 korda curved shank hooks
and 4oz leads. We drew for swims on the first morning and although
my name came out later than I had hoped, I still had a couple of good
options available to me; on the advice of my Croatian friends, I chose
swim 19. Zeljko and Kreso offered some advice on which spots to fish
and once I had found them I put markers in place; my spots were at
varying depths between 4 and 5.5 meters and about 70 to 90 yards
from the bank. I have great confidence in snowman rigs and used
them on each of my three rods; putting my faith in Trigga Ice with
either a Pineapple and Butyric, white spice or
tutti-frutti pop ups. Night one was like a dream with a common of
30kg and a mirror of 31kg coming my way. Both fish were personal
bests for me, my previous biggest fish being just over 20kg. Both
were amazing fish and both battled like demons. Only 24 hours of the
Cameron has been back on his local estate lake again, even in the hot
weather the carp cannot resist BFM: Krill & Cranberry + pop up and
free offerings.
trip had passed, and I was already in dreamland.
Night four produced yet more excitement when my Trigga
Ice/Pineapple & Butyric snowman attracted another of the lake’s big
fish; a mirror of 32kg and another PB. My week drew to a close with
ten fish, the biggest five being the three 30kg I have already
mentioned and others at 17kg and 25kg. I spent seven days with
amazing people and incredible fishermen. The exchange of
experience with people like that was for me, invaluable. For those
seven days, The Nutrabaits team functioned like one big family, and
it is a great honour to be part of it.
Kieran has been in touch with a new 13lb 14oz PB. Surface fishing
with dog biscuits that were given a good soak in our Hemp oil was
Kieran’s successful method.


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