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Campaign Carping
and taken in to account when marking out the features.
With time and practice though you
should be able to work out any other
depths by counting the lead down
through the water. For instance, you
have measured a depth with a marker
rod and it’s, say, 18ft deep. Then cast
your rod with your chosen lead on
next to your marker and count in seconds how long it takes for the lead to
land on the lakebed. You then divide
the time taken by the depth. For
example, if it takes six seconds to
travel the 18ft, then divide the 18 by 6,
and this tells you it’s travelling at 3ft
per second. You can then cast that rod
anywhere knowing that for every second it travels through the water is 3ft.
If it takes 2.5 seconds then the depth
is 7.5ft, and so on. What you must
take into account though is the fact
that different weights of lead and
shapes of lead travel at different
speeds through the water, but with
practice you will soon get used to this
and know the difference between
them all.
(Top) Nash light weed and heavy
weed markers perfect for all
(Below) 27lb 4oz of stunning old carp.
Never ignore the near margins on
your lake; you will be amazed how
many people do. I am a big fan of margin fishing, and love nothing more
than dropping a baited rig just off the
rod tip or just along the margin, and I
can assure you the fish do come really
close in, even if you don’t see them.
You can present a bait really perfectly
when fishing margins. Margin fishing
also allows you to carry out accurate
baiting, and on many occasions I have
watched feeding fish less than a foot
off the bank.
With your initial walks around your
chosen venue complete and all your
investigative work done, it’s time to
think about your chosen bait for the
season ahead. Being fortunate
enough to be a consultant for Nash
Tackle and Nash Bait means I get all
the latest tackle and bait to test.
When going on a new water though
it’s not all about using a new bait and


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