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Campaign Carping
having the so-called edge. I personally feel that when starting your campaign on your new water, using a
tried and tested bait with a proven
history for catching carp is far more
important. You can play around with
bait later on into the season if you feel
you want to, or even the following
season, but to start with it’s better to
use a proven one that’s going to catch
you fish providing you fish well.
This year I will be using the everreliable Scopex Squid Liver Plus
frozen ready-made boilies in all sizes
in conjunction with the Airball popups, Boilie and Food Dips and the
Classic Monster Carp Pellet. Scopex
Squid and variations of the bait have
been in use for close to fifteen years
now, and there can’t be too many
lakes in this country that contain carp
that haven’t been caught on this bait.
The base mix used to produce the
bait contains a mix of fishmeals, milk
protein, bird foods and the awesome
Squid Powder, which incidentally is
unique to Nash Bait. Add to this the
liquid additives, those being Scopex
no.1 and Red Liver Oil. The Red Liver
Oil enhances the attraction and taste
levels, and gives the bait its more-ish
appeal. To round off the
bait, low levels of intense
s w e e t e n e r a r e a d d e d,
which carp seem to love
and there you have it! A
bait that is second to
I favour using the Monster Carp Pellet alongside
the boilies to create an
area where there will be
high attraction but minimal food content, thus
causing frustration and
leading to a possible take.
Manufactured by using
the same key ingredients
and attractors as used in
the boilies, the Monster
Carp Pellets are basically a
pellet version of the boilie
and give off the same signals. Another variation on
this bait is the Scopex
Squid with Robin Red,
which has been catching
big fish all over the country since its
first production and subsequent
release. I used this bait during its
early development some three years
ago with unbelievable results. This
included catching a new
lake record mirror from the
water I was on at the time.
I nearly always start on
new waters with the
Scopex Squid bait, as it is
a true carp catcher to say
the least, and has been
putting fish on the mat
both all over the UK and in
Europe for years. It truly is
a classic.
There are obviously
other companies out there
selling quality bait, so just
use something you are
happy with that is known
to produce fish and stick
with it. You don’t need to
be on the latest new bait
when there are baits on
the market that have been
out there years and still do
the business. I have had
many a conversation on
the bank with people, and
when the subject of bait
arises you hear that they
have tried everything during the course of their session and not caught, when
if they had picked just one bait and
stuck with it instead of reeling in
every hour to change bait, then I’m
sure they would have greatly
increased their chances of catching.
You can always change once you
have caught a few if you really want
to, but then why would you want to
do that? A similar thing I witnessed
on the Manor last year was several
people were using a certain company’s bait and catching fish, but as
soon as people on another company’s
bait started to catch a few big fish,
they were the first ones to change
over. It didn’t improve their catch
rate, and they only caught as many
fish as when they were doing before
the switch. I couldn’t see what the
point was; they obviously thought
they were missing out, when in reality
they gained nothing from it. As I said
earlier, pick a good quality bait and
stick with it! You will never go far
Next on the agenda are rigs. I have
mentioned this on several occasions
before, but I’m a big fan of the blowout rig, and have been using it for all
my snowman presentations. When
going on to a new water I will always
have at least one if not two rods out
with this rig on. For the last few years
I have always tied it using the Nash
Skin-up stiff hook link material, but
this year Nash Tackle have replaced


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