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Campaign Carping
this with a new hooklink material
called The Missing Link. This new
material is of a much lower diameter
than the Skin-up was, but is just as
stiff and just as strong, so from now on
I will be using The Missing Link to
construct my blow-out rigs. I also
always use an oval ring for the blowout rig, as I find that this sits better
against the shank of the hook as
opposed to using a round ring, which
tends to rotate around the shank, thus
increasing the risk of the hair tangling
around the hook. This is only my opinion though, as I know of a lot of people who swear by using the round
ring, but I must say that it’s very rare
that I ever get a tangled hair.
I also feel that by using a ring on
the shank of the hook for the blow-out
section it allows the hair to re-set
itself should you ever have a fish suck
in but successfully eject the rig without your knowing. When using sili-
cone tubing to create the blow-out
rig, should the same thing happen
and a fish ejects the rig without any
indication, then the rig is left considerably less effective, and you could
have a rig out there on a top spot not
fishing its best.
My other rod will have a pop-up rig
on it, and it would be one of two rigs.
The first one I would use is the hinged
stiff link. What I’m fishing over dictates which hooklink material I use to
construct the rig. If the lakebed that
I’m fishing over is clear, whether it be
clay or gravel, then I tend to use a stiff
fluorocarbon boom section for this rig,
as it simply disappears against the
lakebed and kicks out perfectly on the
cast. If, however, it’s a choddy or
weedy lakebed, then I use a coated
material for the boom, as the fluoro
doesn’t sit well against this, and can
kick up in weed. The coated material
I would use would either be the Skinup Stiff or Snake Bite, as both blend in
well with the weed and are both stiff
enough to kick the hooklink out on
the cast, and they are very strong. For
(Top Left) The awsome Scopex Squid.
(Top Right) The equally awsome
Scopex Squid Red.
(Left) The completed rig, always a


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