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Campaign Carping
the hook end of the rig I use the
same as everyone else does,
which is a stiff material.
The other pop-up rig I use is the
rig now commonly known as the
“Jonny Mac rig’’ though I believe
that Mike Kavanagh actually
devised the rig some years earlier.
This rig has been widely written
about before, so I’m not going to
go into too much detail about it,
but all I will say is that when I construct this rig I use a size 6 Fang X
hook as opposed to any other
hook, as I find the hookholds deep
and dependable. I believe this to
be down to the length and sharpness of the point. Just for the
record, when bench testing these
hooks, the barbless version was
found to be extremely strong and very
reliable. If your water has a barbless
rule then you can’t go far wrong with
this hook. I use and promote Nash
products because I am a consultant
for the company, but there are also
many other good products out there
from other companies that you could
use to try some of my ideas. Confidence is the key, so the choice is
yours. Once all the preparation work
is complete, bait is sorted and rigs are
too then it’s time to get the rods out
and start your fishing. That first fish
Components used to construct the
blow out rig.
under your belt will be such a confidence booster to you, and the sooner
that happens the higher your confidence will be. n
Articles by: Rod Hutchinson, Tim Paisley, Steve Briggs,
Julian Cundiff, Chris Ball, Derek Stritton, Ian Chilcott,
Simon Crow, Brian Skoyles, Bill Cottam
and many more
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