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In Search of Monster Carp
looked at my thermometer in the car
as I was driving off down the M3 to
get onto the M25, and I remember
saying in my introduction that
despite the sun shining, it was only
about five degrees outside. On the
way down here today in November it
isn’t much different temperature
wise, absolutely freezing – we’ve had
one of the worst ends to October that
I can ever remember. In fact we had
snow, which hung around for two or
three days up where I live. Apparently
that snow was the first for 70 years so
in that area, so Christ knows what’s
going on with the weather. It was a
weird old summer anyway; I mean it
was terrible for fishing in most places,
and certainly in my neck of the
woods, and the fish weights were
well down due to heavy spawning
periods that lasted three or four
weeks on some of the venues.
Also on that trip down I remember
looking at the vegetation on the side
of the road, and commenting to Pete
about the gorse bushes being all gold,
and the colours were the same today,
but instead of it being the gorse
bushes it was all the trees, which
have all turned to their gold colours
now as we head into the winter. Who
knows what the winter has got in
store for us, but let’s hope the fishing
is good. So without further ado, I’m
going to pass you over to Pete, who is
going to take us back to the closed
season of 2008 down in the Colne Valley, and then if we’ve got time at the
end of it, we’ll have a little look back
at some of the bits we missed out in
that first series I did with Pete. As I
say, Pete’s series has been really popular in the magazine with lots of people saying how much they’re enjoying
it. When we did the first part, Pete did
say to me there were one or two bits
we missed out, or we skimped over if
you like, certainly the Redmire section
I remember, as we only did a couple of
pages on it, and Pete was there for
several years.
You’ll be reading this in 2010
because we have only just finished
part 7 in Big Carp of the first series
that I did so I guess we’ll be into the
spring by the time you read this, but
bear in mind that we recorded it in
Pete: Hello Rob, yes, well where do
(Top) Korda, 30lb-plus, 2008.
(left) Cluster 34lb, 2008.


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